Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Spursluv, Nov 8, 2004.

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  1. he says he wants to be buried in Gaza strip
    so far his wife has got a newcastle top spurs shorts and lazio socks
  2. Oh darn, well u got a better response than I did ')
  3. Just been anounced on the news that he is dead - not confirmed though :roll:
  4. Well thats my Christmas wish come true then!
  5. He was probably dead ages ago?
  6. It must have come as a great shock to everybody, particularly after that footage of him being carried on to the helicopter. I remember thinking to myself.

    "Hmmm, that jittery, three stone husk, is certainly going to be competing in the 2008 Olympics"

    So long Yasser, and thanks for naming that bit of kit that used to go on the front of Radio wagons.
  7. I think he's just in a coma isn't he??
  8. A-Hah! The meestery, she is sol-ved. Thanks AFKAC :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. He spoke very highly of you Agent_Smith 8O
  10. Here is the real life of Arafat and his wife, those held dear by the palastinian as their spiritual leader.

    Taken from bbc news story about Mrs Arafat

    Just proves how fuckin bent they were

    I hope that mosad have been secretly poisoning his donner kebabs and that he will finally croak it!

    agent smith
  11. Trust the bloody French. They should have taken him to an Israeli hospital. I believe Mossad have a lovely private clinic, they would have had a pillow over his face before you could say "Munich Olympics"
  12. You must admit though, he did look a bit like a smurf when he was getting on that chopper.

    Maybe thats the way to beat these fellas. Dress them up to look like figures of fun to remove any lingering menace.

    My dad always says about Robert Mugabe, "Never take a bloke seriously, whose name read backwards is EE baa gum!!"
  13. very true

    I read that gorgeous george galloway (SCUM..cough cough) spoke to some of Arafats aids when he went to visit him and they allegedly said that he had been poisoned by Isreal....

    Is this the ******** trying to stir the sh@t or is it true??

    Agent smith