"Arafat is dead?"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Nov 9, 2004.

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  1. Wait for it, wait for it........

    Nothing on the BBC yet, no 'official mourning' though there are comments from the public on Arafat's life and likely legacy.

    This one is a peach.


    I like to think Will's tongue is in his own cheek, not between Arafat's.
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Harsh but sooooooo fair
  3. But lots of 'unofficial celebrating' :lol:

    From what I saw on the web, he will be buried in the Muqata compund in Ramallah.
    Israel could have saved alot of years by doing this in the first place - dropping a bomb and burying the b*gger alive in the compund. :lol:
  4. He's been dead from long time - probably the weekend, that's why he got that visit from the three top-knotch yesterday. Wifey didn't want them to come because they will begin to take over things - officially and financially. They need to start sorting out what's his personal finances - therefore going to wife, and what part belong to his role - or what was his role - of being Palestine's leader - going to his successor. And that's possibly a whole new interal war there. :roll: :roll:

    So much for tears of grief. Grief my arrse. :wink:
  5. so I spend hours last week writing a presentation on this guy and he goes and pops his clogs, how inconsiderate :roll:
  6. One down, one to go

    Then maybe we can make some progress.
  7. now whom would you mean here, hmmmmmmmm :?:

    careful PTP, might get Lev and his mates paying you a visit!
  8. Some arab bint was saying a couple of hours ago that Mrs muslim terrorist, had just told her that muslim terrorist was still alive but not very well.

    I assume that Mrs terrorist wants to make sure all the scammed millions are hidden in other accounts to stop whoever replaces the arafat from getting their hands on it.
  9. I read that the french authorities had told the palestinian authorityies to remove arafat from the militray hospital in paris as they wanted no part in extending his life in the state he was in (ie brain dead cabbage!!!) :lol:

    they did not want to compromise their ethical guidelines and as such felt it was time to let him go peacefully but his scheming bitch wife was keeping him alive asling as possible so she could sort out all his corrupt funds etc and she could get away with it!

    just let him die and get someone else in power who actually wants peace and not to use the palestinian peoples plight to line his pockets!

    agent smith
  10. Adir wrote:
    If Arafat doesn't go soon I may have to do some pre-emptive celebrating. I'm due back on board soonish and I don't drink at sea....