Arafat is dead...this time it's for real!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BloodThirstyWench, Nov 11, 2004.

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  2. fcuk him, he was holding things up and blocking progress and encouraging nepotism, all that power and wealth is as much use as a chocolate fireguard when you are dead, it would have been better to invest in the future of young Palestinians and be remembered for it, instead he is viliifed for a corrupt old tosser that he is, he leave a terrible legacy behind.
  3. The ****** has been dead for days!!! :D

    Its just his wife and her cronnies have been keeping that secret till she could get her sh*t sorted (stash the stolen millions) then tell t he wprld he was dead.

    Mark my word, in years to come we WILL fond out that he was dead for days!!

    Thank feck!!

    agent smith
  4. More beers - this is going to be a heavy weekend.
  5. What a four letter man he was. Good riddance.

    No doubt the PLO will collapse into the usual Arab chaos for a few months, but it's anybody's guess what will eventually emerge. I shouldn't think it will be much of an improvement, but at least nobody else seems to wear that stupid tea towel.

    Here's a funny thing. When I went to bed last night, his cronies were saying he was still alive, just, but the Egyptians were saying his funeral would take place in Cairo on Friday. There was some acknowledgement from the tv reptiles that this sounded a bit odd, but no-one mentioned it this morning.

    So when did the wicked old bugger actually die? In the night? Yesterday? Last week? As the hospital is not only in France but belongs to the French military, will we ever know the truth?
  6. Smith, you beat me to the draw!
  7. I think things may improve now the old cnut is gone. Bush would not deal with Arafat as he had lied to him.

    Begs the question - why does Bush still deal with Bliar? Or is Bush the only person Bliar hasn't lied to?
  8. Thank god its over,

    will raise a glass in celebration of the f*kers demise after the silence.

    the devil will welcome his own :twisted:
  9. Says it all really:
  10. What he said........

    Hopefully Sharon will die from a heart attack, then there might be a slim chance of peace.........
  11. No surprise then that the BBC (which has abandoned any precept of unbiased reporting now) is fawning over Arafat's memory.

    so no mention of Black September, attacks on Jordan, terror campaign conducted from Lebanon, Munich 68, vast corruption and misplaced millions, etc, etc
  12. May the old bastard Rot in Pieces
  13. Munich was 1972 PY. Arafat prints were all over Entebbe and Achille Lauro too. Pity he didn't take a trip to Entebbe to see how his
    protégés were doing during the incident and suffer their fate at the hands of the IDF. (A spectacular feat of arms)

    (Can’t remember where I first heard this). In 1982 an IDF sniper had Arafat lined up. ‘I can slot the fcuker boss’. General Sharon, then Minister of Defence, ordered the sniper to stand down. D'oh!

    Lucifer will be giving Arafat the guided tour about now. ‘Here is your room Yasser. In the next block you will find some disappointed suicide bombers, suicide pilots and beheaders of infidels. You have no immediate neighbours yet but Adams and McGuinness will be along presently. Breakfast is at 0800.'
  14. And consists of Pork chops and Sausages wrapped in bacon :D
  15. i saw that c-unt Straw on telly this morning , offering his "sincere comdolences" to the Palestinian people.

    strangely enough it didn't bother me , for as we all know , this government couldn't be sincere about anything.

    rot in hell you little terrorist b*stard.