Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Aug 6, 2004.

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  1. 'Peace activist-turned-killer'.

    Interesting career move.

    Sometimes I wonder if it is only us Britons who have a sense of irony.
  2. I've never understood why the Foreign Office is so hooked on licking Arab arrse. Bunch of untrustworthy, treacherous, lazy, incompetent, murderous, medieval goat-molesters.

    How the feck did Lawrence ever get them to take on Johnny Turk? The ones I've met couldn't fight sleep.
  3. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    That takes necrophilic beastiality to a new level!
  4. And work-shy, religious-freak, shirt-lifters. They're a waste of space and oxygen. Rant over. :lol: For the moment.
  5. I'm afraid this is not a very PC viewpoint, but...

    ...burn the fcuking lot of them. :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Why are we wasting British lives when there are British citizens being killed and their land/farms stolen in Zimbabwe. Oh yes, because Tony wants to tread the World Stage with Dubya. I wouldn't swap one squaddie's life for the whole of the Arab world. There, that's me off the fence then.

    Dashing down and taking cover... :wink:
  6. In the many times I have taken off from Saudi or Kuwait, my constant regret has been that I didn't have a bucket of instant sunshine to drop behind the aircraft. We should glaze over the whole of Arabia.

    We could turn it into a car park in about 300 years. Maybe build a supermarket. At least we'd have peace and quiet to plan it with no murdering rags to terrorise the world. An airburst at 5000 feet at the height of the Haj would be a good start.

    The only comfort is that there are no Arabs in Star Trek........and that's the future. Gets my vote. :D
  7. Yeah but theres one in Galaxy Quest (tony shaloub) and thats funnier....

    as for all this other stuff if only moses had turned right after the red sea instead of straight on things woo be way simpler!
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    This might go against the majority, but I can only speak from my own experience.

    Prior to getting to the ME I had always assumed I'd get on like a house on fire with the Israelis. When I did get there I found that the majority of those I was introduced to were arrogant self centred types, their attitude was that they were doing you a favour. Now I've got nothing against arrogance - I like it actually, if you can back it up.

    Then I met the arabs, people I'd heard a lot of stories about - unclean, unreliable, thieving buggers.

    I was in for a shock.

    Every one I met were hospitable and friendly. My preconceptions were given a good hoof and so I changed my attitude.

    Now I'm not saying that they are all like that, nor I assume are all Israelis, but getting amongst them on a personal level can really give you an attitude adjustment.

    However, as for making them into good soldiers, that takes a lot more time, effort and understanding, so you've got to give T.E. his due
  9. Cutaway,
    I've lived on a kibbutz and I've spent time in Nablus among the Palestinians as well as seeing action in both Gulf wars and a short stint in Lebanon. There are, as you rightly say, exceptions to every rule and there's good and bad in every squad.

    However, I found the Palestinians more arrogant than the Israelis, given that one needs a sharp tongue and sharp elbows to deal with the Chosen People on an even playing field. The Gulf Arabs are simply a waste of space.

    There's a professor in Israel called Dan Shuftan. He teaches political science and is also an advisor to central government. He's outspoken, to say the least, but a realist.

    His view is that Israel has nothing in common with its Arab neighbours apart from the weather. I've got to say I agree with him. While the Israelis have overcome fearful odds and have become the most successful country in the region - and the only one with a democratically elected administration - the Arabs are mired in 600 years of religious bollox used as an excuse for lack of progress. It's sad to see a people who once spearheaded advances in medicine, mathematics and astronomy sinking to the level they're at.

    But that's the bottom line. Until they shake off Islamic shackles and corrupt rulers, that's the way they'll stay, blaming everyone else for their self-inflicted woes. I've no sympathy for people who won't stir off their arrses. Hamas, Al Qaeda, Fatah and their fellow-travellers are all, unfortunately, the by-product of self-imposed stagnation and religious crap.

    Losing the Arabs would be a blessing to the human gene pool. It would certainly not deprive it of desirable traits. These people are living in a time-warp, five or six centuries behind everyone else in attitude and outlook.
  10. Not quite, there's Doctor Julian Bashir from DS9, but then he was part British... And genetically modified so probably wouldn't count.

    What I can't understand is why Islam just lost it after Methmet took Byzantium. I know all civilisations go through ups and downs but the Arabs have been pretty much stagnant ever since, so what changed? It wasn't Islam that's for sure, as that's been pretty constant since around 900AD and Arab science and philosophy peaked long after that.
  11. Nine years mid east cured me of Arabs. Their interpratation of islam stinks, and as one poster pointed out they think more of thier camels then their women. And they do.
  12. Have you SEEN their women? Can't fault them on that one.

    Then there's the Saudi "stealth" women, the ones in the full, all-concealing black kit, complete with hood and Lone Ranger mask. Like an F117 in the dark, you know they've been there, but you don't know what they look like. Maybe just as well. 8)
  13. A Saudi, whom I thought of as a friend, lied to me. When I braced him with the lie, I said, 'I thought that you were my friend. Is it not a sin for a Moslem to lie?'
    He laughed, 'Oh, but a lie to an infidel is not a sin; only if I should lie to a fellow Moslem!'
    At that point our friendship was terminated, abruptly and painfully!
  14. The sooner people wake up to the fact that the West and Islam are on a collision course the better - the collision may take a few more years to come to a head but it will come. The two cultures (or to be specific the West and the interpretation of Islam that extremists are slowly forcing as the main stream) cannot peacefully co-exist in the long term.

    Incidently i have no doubt who will win - but i wish we would just get on with it now while we have a chance to win it easily and with as little pain as possible.