Arabs massacre Russian national anthem

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by codbutt, May 13, 2010.

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  1. Not sure where this should go really, but as it was last week, I put it here.!

    The most shocking rendition of the Russian national anthem ever performed, by the Syrian army band.

    **** me I bet somebody swung for that one - hideous!!
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Sand in the instruments I suppose. Gently squeezing a camel might be an improvement.
  3. Speaking as a brass bandsman, that is f*cking brilliant! Worse than the most incompetent village band I have ever heard.

    Any more gems like this anywhere? :lol:
  4. Cracking toe-curling & eye-wincing stuff.
    Like hearing nails on a blackboard.
    Pity one never got a close-up on the Prezs' faces.

    Suspect there will be a few horns getting a right rogering for this..

    Bloody good effort on the old raggies stuffing it to their rusky ally.
  5. Dear Jesus.......
  6. Yes, the music was shocking. And that news reader, I couldnt understand a word she said either.
  7. Well done the VIPs. Eyes front, do not laugh.

    Once heard the Royal Salute on the bagpipes (yes, there is one) being played at light infantry pace. The problem was that the other half of the band was playing it at quick time. :D
  8. Made OI and herself larf that did :cheers:
  9. A brother of my wife graduated in Moscow conservatory (there is a special facuty of military conductors). He served 2 years in Afganistan in Kabul and Kandagar.

    You can imagine his reaction.
  10. On reflection, I think what impresses me most is the expression of dreamy calm on the face of the bandmaster. Is he on drugs? 8O
  11. Obviously did'nt come top of his year then..??