Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by antphilip, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm currently learning arabic and am looking for extra resources other than the course text. On the theory that some of the arrse membership must have studied the language I was hoping that there may be some suggestions for good texts to buy/resources.

    As always all help is appreciated.
  2. Be careful of the difference between colloquial arabic and classical arabic
  3. Yeah, we found knowing difference between the two made all the difference when we were shouting 'jundee britanee latata arak tara ameek' at people.
    Not. :lol:
  4. Exactly

    and also the universal greeting "Imshi - Fcuk Off"
  5. mundhu 'an kuntu murâhiqan 'ahbabtu 'as-sayyidâta s-suwîdiyyât shâhadtu 'aflâman cadîda bihâ sayyidât suwîdiyyât shaqrâwât jamîlâtwa-mâ 'uhibbu 'akthar huwa 'ash-shacri l-'ashqar maca l-hawâjibi s-sawda'.
    wa-l-mar'âtu s-suwîdiyya allati 'uhibbuhâ 'akthar hiyya brît 'aklând wa-lakinni 'azunn 'innahâ kabîratu s-sinn 'al-'an hâdha shay'un jayyid bi-tilka l-aflâm, 'as-sayyidâtu s-suwîdiyyâtu sh-shaqrâwât yabqayna shabab lil-'abad
    'anâ 'aydan 'uhibb 'as-sayyidâta l-misriyyât, khassatan hawâjibahunna s-sawdâ'.
  6. Get an older lover who speaks the lingo :lol:
  7. We're learning classical... but before this goes into arabic lists of insults... can anyone suggest materials?

    Someone pointed me towards the rosetta software series. Has anyone used this?
  8. Hey, Ant me boy....looks like you have a volunteer!!!!

    Good effort Poppy..... 8)
  9. خشخاش, أبو النوم
    خَشْخاش, أَبُو النُوم
    Khashkhash, Abu al-num, Abu al-noom=?
  10. just pop into your local mosque and ask for lessons :lol:
  11. couple of words i picked up:(spelling phonetically0
    Manuk- Gayboy
    Dudeki_As above
    Chelub Juice- Dog Tits
    Swear words are always good the local kids near the palace seemed to like to call us sausage jockey alot
  12. Right, if I fail this course i'm blaming the whole lot of you ;) Nothing to do with my poor study skills...
  13. but NOT if you live in Finsbury Park ....................
  14. Seriously though, check exactly what it is you are's actually unlikely to be classical Arabic, which is the langauge of the Koran. This would be of little use on the "Arab Street" What you will need is Modern Standard Arabic.....take your time and try to immerse yourself as much as time allows, it will pay dividends. I have two or three useful books at home which I have used in the past. I'll dig out the details and post asap (but not this weekend cos I'm a weekend warrior :lol: ) I have also used the Rosetta Stone software and rate it quite highly but it might be expensive??

    I'll be in touch.....
  15. charra alaik-sh1t on you
    katha ath nan-Caress my genitalia
    mamhoon-queer; homosexual
    nek ni ‡ Fu*k me!
    boos teezee kiss my ass