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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Salad_Fingers, Jul 29, 2005.

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  1. I'm off on Op Telic 7 in September/October and I'm thinking about taking some private tuition lessons to learn basic arabic phrases and such to aid me once I'm deployed. I'm only a T.A private so I'm doubting I could qualify for any courses on offer however would I be able to get some sort of payment from the army towards this tuition? I know its a long shot but I thoughty I'd ask. Cheers.
  2. Sorry mate. I don't think there's any chance of that.

    But there are ways round it. For example, if your unit has a unit library, you could ask that whoever runs it gets in a couple of arabic textbooks. Try suggesting it to the PSI, and explain that you are keen to learn - so long as you catch them on a quiet day, they should be receptive. They might even have friends who have done Arabic Courses, or know people who can get hold of some notes on arabic phrases of military relevance.

    If you are looking for course material, try getting yourself down to the nearest good bookshop (Waterstones is arguably the best, and there's one in most big highstreets/shopping centres). Have a look and see what they've got on the shelves in the language section, and see if any of the books can come with tapes/CDs. You probably won't have time to get to grips with the whole basics of the language (grammar/writing etc) before you go, but a beginners tape would be useful for helping with the pronunciation (which is difficult, and it is important to get it right).

    You will find that if you put a little bit of time getting to grips with the basics of pronunication before you go, and learning just a few stock phrases, you will be able to pick up quite a bit while you are out there (depending on what job you are doing).

    Good luck!
  3. Most Army Education Centres run basic Arabic courses.

    I have studied Arabic (for free) at Thiepval Barracks, Lisburn.
  4. AEC resources aren't often made available to TA personnel. Sorry, tried it.
  5. i have done a ten week intensive course... it was good course but frigin hard,
    when i got to iraq i had to learn iraqi arabic but the egyption arabic the army teach you is a good bases for it, the older iraqis could understand the egyption tho.

    try and find an iraqi frase book...there are some available in the shops.
    as for wanting to learn the lingo...they have got to grips with the couple of ways squaddies tell them to go away !!!
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  7. I tried to learn arabic from tapes and CD before I went on Telic. It was useless.
    Most arabic tapes are classical arabic and it differs quite a bit from Iraqi arabic.

    Get in touch with the unit you are being attached to and ask if you can be included in their pre-tour arabic course. They will be running one but you'll have to get in quick to be included because by the time you get through OPTAG and are posted to them it will be in full swing.

    As soon as you hit Iraq get friendly with an interpreter, learn from them. Spend your free time (if you get any) talking with them and in 2-3 weeks you'll know enough to stop, search, ask questions etc.
    I can hold a half decent basic conversation just from what I learned from the interpreters. When the Iraqis hear you speaking their slang it makes a huge difference in the way they respond to you - the dodgy ones go quiet because they think you can understand everything they are saying and the decent ones are very friendly.

    It all depends on you, I learned a lot but some of the lads in my section didn't bother and learned nothing.
    It goes without saying to watch what you say to the interpreters and don't give them personal or operational information.
  8. If your in London contact the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at London Uni, my mate learnt arabic there in the evenings and was quite impressed.

  9. Also maybe try to get in contact with one of the Arabic instructors at Beconsfield. Maybe they would me interested in earning a few extra bucks as a sideline. My hubby did the 3 month course there - but be warned it is hard as nails. Ma'asalama
  10. Thanks for the info. it's been informative. There doesn't seem to be anyone who teaches Arabic within 10 miles of where I live so cd's seem to be the way forward. Thanks for the pre-op info Icarus, I'm looking into that at the mo.
  11. Salad fingers, download a free "Before You Know It" Arabic primer from the net. Free and very user friendly...I can't remember the web-site address but if you search on Before You Know It then you'll find it. Araka Qaryban!
  12. You're all forgetting the resource that is all over the country. ASYLUM SEEKERS!!! Just go along to an asylum centre. Find an Iraqi and ask him to teach you Arabic. Most of the asylum seekers will have been here long enough to understand you and I'm sure they'd be happy to earn some cash/improve their english with you.
  13. perhaps a short course in English should be on the cards as well?
  14. if an education centre wont put you on the course ask for a course folder!

    it consists of two CD's and a folder of patrol dialect it is very well laid out and easy to understand.

    good luck :)
  15. Try this link for an on-line course which is a starter for 10.

    It is being pushed to 20 Bde personnel for TELIC 8 as a warmer before the ten week arabic cse.

    All Iraq bound units will have a bunch of people doing the ten week course. The best ones do another ttt week and then run one week basic patrol arabic courses in unit lines for their units.

    These will continue to run in Iraq.

    So contact an Iraq bound local unit to try and get on the ten week or one week course or wait till you are in Iraq.

    Other contacts are the Defence School of Languages at Beaconsfiield or the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.