Arabic Language training

Does anybody know if our great worshipful employer provides any Arabic training other than the basic stuff on optag or the 6 month long course?

I was looking on Rosetta Stone and noticed that the septics have arranged a learning program in Arabic for military use, and provide it to serving service personel (

Do we do something similar?? Or am I just dreaming
Absolutely blown away by that!

Interesting that study time contributes towards "promotion points" and "retirement points", if only on this side of the pond.

Exactly what I'm looking for, but as far as I know there's nothing like it from the MOD.

I've posed the question to the Education Center and they'll get back to me.

Perhaps if enough of us enquire through the appropriate channels the MOD would consider it?
Your employer will provide you with Language Training required for execution of your duties. That might be the slot on OPTAG all the way up to an 18 month course at DSL and options in between. You need to have a need, so to speak. Language training isn't cheap and you won't get on a course unless you have a requirement. PM me if you want more specific info.

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