Arabic curse required

I'm having some verbal fun/abuse on another forum.I need some filthy Arabic slang to throw over there.Anyone? It needs to be in Arabic!
We used to have great fun shouting ..nasser sim sim donkey (oh how we laughed) mind you it was quite along time ago so it might not have the same impact today.
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your fetid groin, and may your arms be too short to scratch it!!

Probably sounds better yelled across the souk in arabic though!!

قد البراغيث من الجمال ألف يغص بك في الفخذ
نتنة ، وذراعيك قد تكون قصيرة جدا لانها نقطة

Found this for you made I larf!!

Badi lahsak manbat sha’er baidi — I will make you lick the roots of the hairs of my balls (Not just the hairs; the roots of the hairs!)
No worries was just saying incase any one doesnt have anti-malware.

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