Arabian Tent Company - Operations Manager - East Sussex

Working for a fast growing and innovative events company who require a highly skilled and extremely well organized person to take on the role of Operations Manager.

You will be at the top of the management team ensuring that all of the companies operations and departments are working cohesively and effectively

For all the detail visit at:

Operations Manager
£22k for all that? They left 'can leap tall buildings in a single bound' off the criteria. Are they pissed or is the job based in the North somewhere?


Its also in the most expensive part of the county, I delivered there once and there is parking but little else!
Nice scenery though!
You would like many of the jobs about at the mo need to be in receipt of a services or Plod pension to be able to afford to work there. The job for Plod firearms manager was similarly targeted and the JD was written in such a way that pretty much only a retired Inspector could apply.
I did consider it but it would have left me open to bribery!

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