Arabella Weir and Kirsten O'Brien

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jacob1650, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. I thought I would do my bit for charity, so settled down with a Tescos take out curry to watch Let's Dance for Sport Relief. I didn't know who was going to be on, or even what the format of the program is.

    Then Arabella Weir came on dressed as Kylie and rubbed her own legs.

    Then Kirsten O'Brien did the splits and she only gave birth ten weeks ago.

    Then I think I've broken my cock.
  2. I've just had to Google 'Kirsten O'Brien'. Has she eaten a dentists Bio-waste bin? If her teeth were a military parade; there'd be a re-show.
  3. It's no secret in the North of England that Kirsten loves the cock as she's test driven kilometres of length in her younger days.
  4. She always looks as if she has a little bit of the "extra chromosome" about her.

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  5. The last time I stuck it up Kirsten's bottle opener, her eyes crossed, they've not settled back since.
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  6. If I Googled those two names would I find out something interesting? No? I didn`t think so.
  7. Thought u were to busy knacking yor kev, Kirsten nailing Walt!!'
  8. If I'd really nailed Kirsten she'd still cry at night. Anyway, Wor Kev can wait, the caravan in Amble hiding cunt.
  9. Why would you be looking for something interesting? I never claimed they were interesting.
  10. Cry at the disappointment of you not smashing Kev!
  11. Is Tesco`s curry interesting, or at least better than wank for sport relief?
  12. No, two pump and a squirt sex.
  13. Tesco take out curry is shite, but it is cheap and quick.

    I'll probably have the wildshites tomorrow cos I didn't microwave it for long enough. Poxy cold Lamb Rogon Josh and a broken cock.