Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stoat_10, May 1, 2006.

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  1. I was a Regular NCO (PWRR) for 12 years. After 5 years as a civvie I'm seriously thinking of dipping my toe with the T.A.

    Question: How are ex-regulars thought of? - Arrogant, narrow-minded with no concept of the volunteer ethos or a welcome addition that brings more experience into the unit.

    I'm going along to a few 'open drill' nights soon. I'd like a bit of a heads'up.
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    In my experience, it is welcomed, but i think it would depend of how the ex arab interacts...If you went along saying i am the ex reg, and u lot are stabs, then you would not get much of a welcome. However, if you just let your experience flow then there should not be any dramas....

    Be warned you will get some surrpises, especially on exercises /camps etc...previous ex regs i have seen are often spotted shaking their heads with bemusement at the goings on and organisational skills!
  3. From my experience it really depends on the individual.
    Mostly though ex regs who had rank are usually respected as they have experience as well as maturity whereas ex reg ptes tend to be arrogant sometimes psychotics who have been discharged for either medical or dishonourable reasons and simply view the TA as a second rate force.

    By the sounds of it you will be fine - Are you looking at 3PWRR by chance?
  4. You will be welcomed .Not so much gap between regs& ta now as lots have been moblised . Agree coy level and above exercises does
    tend to get the regs exclaiming :lol: .
  5. Obviously I'm not going to swing my sandbag around. Why the bemusement on exercises? And who said the Regulars admin was spot on?

    As for 3 PWRR, I'm waiting for a reply.
  6. Your experience will be very valuable to the TA and your unit, but as mentioned earlier, end of the day it's you thats fits in, not your past....You may find some of your unit may be ex reg too (the TA is home to tons of ex regulars). For me it's the same in any work place, if your the ******** then your not going to be welcomed are you, but if your sound and happy interacting with us scumbags who don't know what they're doing then it's happy days...
  7. I've heard that the TA take exercises more seriously than the reg's.

    I'm an ex-reg, with no TA experience, before this gets taken the wrong way.
  8. Like Kingo said, it's all down to how you get on with people. I like to think that I am fairly well liked within the unit (at least I haven't tasted sh1t in any of my food or drink yet..), I try to use my experience in a positive way instead of trying to get one up on the lads that don't have prior experience. (Plus, I am much older and much slower nowadays so most of them could probably run the arrse of me!) There are many differences between Reg service and TA, and if you do join back up there may be times that you will get frustrated by the TA way of doing things and the difference in skill levels on what you might consider to be basic soldiering. Most of the problems arise due to the part time nature of the job and the length of time and the sheer amount of dedication it takes to become an experienced TA soldier.
    In terms of TA taking exercises more seriously I would probably agree. At the end of the day, if you are going on ex after a full week of civvy work the last thing you want to do is waste your time. But rest assured, the TA is still prone to "hurry up and wait" and cake and arrse parties do happen just as much as in the regs!
  9. I would echo some of the sentiments.

    It depends what you're going in for.

    Some go in because they miss the life inside the wire and want a piece of it back.

    Some go in because they feel they still have something to give.

    What really gets my goat is those that go in because they want to get away for a piss-up away from the wife and kids with the odd chance of a shag thrown in, citing the old 'I've done my time, now I'm doing this for the payback' reason. They're the ones that let a unit down.

    If you have the time, experience and will to give it a good crack, then do it. The non-Ex regs will welcome it if you give your advice and experience in kind and with the right attitude (I know I do).

    Just remember that the TA isn't the regs and you have to expect there to be differences, but it's a good laugh and, as the old saying goes, you get as much out of it as you put in.
  10. That's because I can mix it in very well... 'Recruit' (finished GAP yet?). 8)

    An annoying factor, depending on how long you have been out and the view of your boss, is that you may have to do the whole basic package again. From learning 24hr clock, how to march and the rest. However it'll probably be fairly easy considering you've done it all, and worse, before.
  11. Bit of both I'd say. We have TA that hate the regs as fe*cking know it alls and some welcome them with open arms. In my experiance the ones that hate you are the fat old time biffers that are there for the money to boost their shit civvie job pay.
  12. Some TA units liase with the regs quite alot anyway. Works quite well.
  13. Very much up to the individuals involved, I had no probs, they only tend to occur paperwork wise from APDO
  14. Im ex-Reg and have never had any problems what so ever, most fit in really well.....
  15. I currently have an ex-Guardsman as a "recruit". He did six years in, accepts that with Health and Safety he has to go through the whole process - he left some years ago. He has no problem with this - and he now prefers Light Div drill.

    Resistance is Futile...