Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimera, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  2. Not enough......................The silence is deafening. :evil:
  3. although - stood up and offered the solution.

    Lets see what happens, £10 says some islamic fundaMENTAList head jobs him in the name of allah.

  4. So why not withdraw that protection. Let's see how vociferous his calls for Jihad are when his daughter is in the firing line.

    Let's not get too het up about this. The idea that Tony BLiar should be slotted and that Hoon, Brown, Mandleson, Byers, Vazz, et all should all be in a deep lime filled pit with a 9mm brass injection in the base of their sculls is widely popular with the users of this site, but it's a far cry from suggesting that any of us would walk into the Houses of Parliament with semtex strapped to our chests. Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's influential. I read the mad ravings of Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday from time to time for the comedy value of the nutter, ergo if others do the same he is "popular" by definition, equally none of us would want to live in a world he advocates even if he hates New Labour as much as I do.

    Not going to happen. For as long as the corrupt mullahs want power they will play on the minds of the weak and dissafected and draw them in with a utopian vision where those on the margins of Islamic society by telling them that they can be great if only they'd be martyrs for the cause and blow themselves up taking a few Israelis with them so they can be carried to heaven by 2 virgins to take their guaranteed place and be heros in the local community. It's no different from the Christian cults that prey on the weak in our own society like the Branch Davidians and the Jesus Army. [/quote]
  5. Dunno though - i have a .357 Magnum, anyone "going my way"?


  6. Well said Woopert!

    The Imams have so much power as Islam see the religious leaders as their politicians as well. It won't change soon as they weild so much power. However, time brings about changes and we may one day see the break of direct Islamic religious interference from the political scene much like we did with the christian church in the good, olde Dark ages!
  7. Woopert,

    Hear, hear!

    but as mentioned above, unfortunately, the next we hear of Mr Rashid, is when he has been killed in the name of "Allah, blessed be his name"
  8. Another one who goes by the tag that not all muslims are terrorists...............

    its not so funny that nearly all terrorists are muslim.

    Quote from the monster caught by the russians " i did not shoot, i swear by allah i did not shoot, i have children too, i want too live"

    Should have thought about that before you joined a bunch of cowards, looks like he wont get his virgins in paradise.
  9. Do you know what I say? If you dont like it **** off! I am not a racist or a religous person but when in Rome springs to mind. Sorry for this but people of different races and ethnicities CHOSE to live in our green and pleasant land and as such should abide with our laws culture and religous practice. at least we only get a slapped wrist for nicking some sweets, in saudi it gets chopped off! We are a loving nation but one thing is for sure we will not be taken over subversively!
  10. What grips my shi'ite is the "liberal" view. Does anyone remember the comments of the cheesy-grinned Wicked Witch when she said she could understand why young Palestinians strap semtex to themselves and blow themselves up? Remember how quickly No 10 distanced themselves from her remarks? It does betray a truth in their thinking: we can't possibly suggest that the more radical element of what is otherwise a peaceful and tolerant religion are exploiting people for political ends and in the process inflicting terror on the inncoent people of wherever they are active. If we stopped trying to excuse it out of liberal guilt and fear of speaking the truth we might get to a position of doing something effective about combating this sort of terror.

    While it may have got totally out of hand, at least Putin is prepapred to call it for what it is and hand-wringing liberals the likes of the Dutch EU Foreign Minister just give a mandate to every mad mullah to kill and maim in the name of God.
  11. How dare anyone here slag off tony blairs mates the f*ck tony blair and f*ck the muslim terrorists

    muslims consider ALL non muslims to be unclean unbelievers, muslims obey Islamic law first, not our laws.

    Where's King Richard when you need him....oh have I said f*ck blair yet ?