Arab Islamic Congress - Berlin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brucefeller, Sep 16, 2004.

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    As they say in their pamphlet:

    A good thing the Deutche Government don't think this should go ahead. “I will do everything I can to make sure that such a conference does not take place,” Interior Minister Otto Schily told reporters. “Germans find Islam foreign and threatening,” said the head of Germany’s Allensbach polling agency, Elisabeth Noelle, in remarks published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper.

    When asked what they think of in association with the word “Islam” some 93 percent of Germans said “oppression of women”, 83 percent said “terror”, 82 percent said “fanatics and radicals”, 70 percent said “dangerous”, 66 percent said “backward”, 45 percent said “hospitality” and 6 percent said both “tolerance” and “nice”.

    I can fully understand those figures.
  2. Totally agree,
    I know we must be seen to be tollerent...but they are not tollerent of us are they??? :evil:
  3. Seems like the krauts are not that bad after all :D :D
  4. Well my dear, Islam IS a peace loving religion..... as long as you are a muslim, and not a woman or a sunni if a shiite, or a shiite if a sunni, or, or... well you get the drift
  5. So unless you shout incoherently wear a tea towl and have a 70's porn tach...your fecked
  6. OOOuuu NO NO you cant say that, you cant say that,

    Youre all Nazis and racist, this is a peace loving people just look at how civilised they were thousands of years ago. WE should encourage them to live the way they choose and not offend or bully them with our corrupt capitalist beliefs. If they FEEL persecuted then they must be!

    This is their country as much as ours just look at how patriotic they are. That boxing chappie at the olympics is just misguided using the union flag he should embrace his own culture not ours. There are no ghettos just independant cultural zones. Dont forget to vote for Tone ok?

    Mulicultualism is great isnt it?
  7. Sorry your absolutly right....
    i will try and remember that the next time one of tries to paint wierd foreign shite on my jag......wakners :x :x :x
  8. Why did I think of John Cleese when I read this?
  9. Having read some of the shiiite that's on there, I'd find it absolutely hilarious, if only i didn't realise these lunatics are absolutely serious. Try this for size:

    'Their goal [USA/Western powers] is to liquidate and terminate any kind of resistance within the country and abroad; their insult, aggression and targets had been widened to reach the Arab and Islamic communities in the countries of immigration. The enemies do not content themselves with the oppression and discrimination campaigns against them, they are working toward enclosing, dividing and isolating them and to shut even their voices to prevent them even to cry against aggression and injustice. They are also disturbing and attacking every effort to let them live in dignity and peace at the level of equal human and political rights aside with the people of the world that are struggling for independence, for the right of self-determination and for their sovereignty over their resources'.

    Clearly these balloons either have never been to UK, where it is practically illegal to speak out against Muslims, much less 'disturbing or attacking them.' But the language being used here is totally paranoid in its conviction - whoever wrote this garbage either does not doubt what they write or is unafraid of writing lies. I am not sure which would be the more disturbing truth.

    The site goes on to talk about;

    Installing the first popular Arab, Islamic and European dialogue, leaded by a wide popular partnership at the base of mutual respect and alliance to secure and consolidate the rights of the Arab and Muslim communities in Europe and to support the building of equal relations of partnership and of just peace in the world and to establish an Arab-Islamic circle within the world wide united front to oppose and face the terrorist American Zionist alliance and hegemony.

    This obviously a one way thing, as I don't note Islamic cultures or countries around the world establishing and practising 'equal relations of partnership and of just peace'. Ask anyone trying to practice Christianity in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Afghanistan etc.

    There is the usual rant about the evils of American imperialism, oppression, killings etc with the usual follow up that it is okay to kill and oppress for Allah. I'd call it juvenile drivel obvious in its hypocrisy if it wasn't for the fact that there are clearly people out there happy to take it all in as gospel.

    The strangest thing about the whole congress was its choice of venue. If they had chose any location in UK, I'm sure they would have been welcomed with open arms! That's democracy for you, I guess!
  10. There are still Muslim websites claiming that the September 11 attacks were carried out by Mossad and that all Jews who worked in the Twin Towers stayed off work that day. Yeah, right. Problem is, a lot of Muslims - even in the UK - believe it. Fcukin' incredible.
  11. And Red Ken would have been bending over backwards....
  12. Where is Allah's snackbar anyway? They've got great word-of-mouth advertising, but never give the location. :lol: