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ARAB 2 STAB - Which Unit?

As an ex Int Corps JNCO who still has a hankering to wear DPM and swear a lot as my rifle jams for the umpteenth time, I'm looking at joining the TA.

3MI Coy is, of course, the natural choice, but I was also wondering what other units close to my locale (North Wilts) could offer me in terms of:

a) using my existing skill sets and,

b) adding new ones and giving me a fresh take on the Army?

Obviously I will carry out my own research into local units; and I accept that people on here will be biased, but every scrap of info helps build the bigger picture!

ugly said:
Does it have to be an INT unit or are you open to ideas?
Certainly open to ideas. I like the idea of using my previously gained skills in a new context - plus I'd probably be less likely to slide into 'big-timing' it as an ex-reg, (and thereby putting peoples backs up,) if I'm having to learn new ways of doing things same as everyone else! :wink:

Augustus - read and digested. Cheers.
Toasted_Giant said:
theblindking said:
StabTiffy2B said:
You could always join an MI unit and then be an RTC instructor.

Infact, why not start a thread about it...


Being Wilts, you may find that a 5MI det is closer.
Cheers blindking.
If you want to remain close to your neck of the woods you have:

1. 54 MI Coy in Keynsham
2. 395 Air Despatch Tp in Lyneham
3. A Sqn Royal Yeomanry
4. B Sqn RWxY in Salisbury
5. 81 Signal Sqn in Corsham

For more info PM me or look at www.armyjobs.mod.uk/southwest under TA

You may have to scroll down for the contact details - some seem to have fallen off the bottom of the page

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