ARAB 2 STAB - Which Unit?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Toasted_Giant, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. As an ex Int Corps JNCO who still has a hankering to wear DPM and swear a lot as my rifle jams for the umpteenth time, I'm looking at joining the TA.

    3MI Coy is, of course, the natural choice, but I was also wondering what other units close to my locale (North Wilts) could offer me in terms of:

    a) using my existing skill sets and,

    b) adding new ones and giving me a fresh take on the Army?

    Obviously I will carry out my own research into local units; and I accept that people on here will be biased, but every scrap of info helps build the bigger picture!

  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Does it have to be an INT unit or are you open to ideas?
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  4. Certainly open to ideas. I like the idea of using my previously gained skills in a new context - plus I'd probably be less likely to slide into 'big-timing' it as an ex-reg, (and thereby putting peoples backs up,) if I'm having to learn new ways of doing things same as everyone else! :wink:

    Augustus - read and digested. Cheers.
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  6. 3MI Coy wheres that ?
  7. Should have said 3 Mi Bn apologies, not enough caffeine in my system! :D
  8. You could always join an MI unit and then be an RTC instructor.

    Infact, why not start a thread about it...
  9. Not mine with an attitude like yours
  10. ARAB to STAB?
  11. :joker:


    Being Wilts, you may find that a 5MI det is closer.
  12. How very helpfull! I totaly get exactly what you are trying to say and require no further explanation at all :roll:
  13. Cheers blindking.
  14. If you want to remain close to your neck of the woods you have:

    1. 54 MI Coy in Keynsham
    2. 395 Air Despatch Tp in Lyneham
    3. A Sqn Royal Yeomanry
    4. B Sqn RWxY in Salisbury
    5. 81 Signal Sqn in Corsham

    For more info PM me or look at under TA

    You may have to scroll down for the contact details - some seem to have fallen off the bottom of the page
  15. 7 rifles in Swindon