Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by spunkymonkey, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Given their obvious, and blatant, turn-around might it be best to discourage some of the "but they said that before" comments? They've moved clearly in our direction, and gone on record as doing so.

    We may well all suspect their motives, but wouldn't it be best to accept their new statement as an "elaboration" of their previous one, possibly "in view of the extra information they now have". Tried to put that idea on the main thread, but people are still posting about them "changing their tune"

    You can bet that Red Team Central is calling them turncoats, seems a little counter-productive for some of ARRSE to be doing the same.
  2. Agreed, good point.
  3. Which page are you on Spunky?

    I've re-posted the message from last night, and given them the benefit of the doubt. It's also up there to encourage ARA to get in contact "I'm sure it's all been a terrible mistake"

    The passage is left up to encourage and raise morale in our side, but....

    I will remove any further references to them changing their tune , or conspicuous gloating.

    I hope they are, and I hope they're having proper nasty rows between themselves. ARA are not quite the hapless victims of circumstance they portray themselves as, especially recently.
  4. had just seen the copy of their original message and some of the comments that were starting to come in on that. Thought I'd mention before too much was said. We can all see the backtrack, but bad form to gloat on it - trouble is, can't exactly post that on the forum :lol: