AR15 weilding security guard saves lives

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. The evil black gun strikes again:

    Apologies for the mong spelling in the thread title--fingers are still thawing out from a cold day at the range.
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  2. at least he wasnt welding it.
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  3. Whacked one through a wall, WTF was he aiming at?
  4. The reaction of the two shits does seem to reinforce the 'don't bring a handgun to a rifle fight' argument though.
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  5. lucky the guard did not hit the girls with his "through the Wall bad boys shot"
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  6. The video of course does not reflect sterling marksmanship but it captures very well just how fast and furious (see what I did there) a real gunfight is.
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  7. While I doubt that the security guard really intended it, such a shot is part of the training package I provide in certain tactical courses where a bad guy often thinks hiding behind a sheet rock (plasterboard) and wood frame wall provides cover rather than merely concealment. Many of my students, having only seen film or video game gun-fighting are quite amazed when I demonstrate through and through shots with a wide variety of calibers through mock-up walls and doors typical to most US construction, in stark contrast to the several feet thick stone walls of so many of the buildings in the UK. I have been at crime scenes where an errant shot has traveled all the way through a 40' wide frame home and still had enough punch to have killed someone.
  8. Yes i do see you point.....nice to the the bad folk running like **** away empty handed =)

    Not sure if I was walking down that street and took rounds from the Rifle i would be so chuffed though....
  9. Damn right JJH, Cover from view does not equal cover from fire!
  10. What did the AR-15 bring to that incident that a handgun wouldn't? Apart from slower draw time, less accurate aim (at close quarter) and presenting a danger not only to the innocents in the shop that were nearly killed, but innocents in the street outside and in passing vehicles?
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  11. I agree (although I would advocate an 18" barrel 12 bore pump) on these apparent circumstances.
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  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    The business owner looks a bit like a drug dealer?
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  13. With all respect, the video resembles more Keystone Cops than anything else.

    JJH, you may teach a shot through the wall in certain circumstances but in this situation, with two people you are trying to protect in the same room, it strikes me as being potentially homicidal. Then to cap it all off the guard thunders out of his back room, loses his footing and cannons straight into the front door.

    Yes, he manages to prevent an armed robbery but at such a risk to defenceless people one wonders whether it is worth the potential cost.
  14. I would quite happily argue anyone who is willing to commit robbery with a firearm is also more than willing to commit murder with the same weapon, therefore you can safely say the guard also prevented two murders.
  15. "Two ***** with pistols get fired at by riflewielding fuckwit with no concept of sights!" :)
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