Ar Ramadi 2007

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Xenophon, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Times 31 Aug 07

    This is a fascinating article. I wonder if it is realistic to expect that this could have been Basra if the UK had shown the same willingness and determination as the USA. Admittedly the ethnicity issue could be used as an excuse as to why not but this is the sort of thing the British Army used to excel in.
  2. Basra probably would have been the same if there'd been enough bods on the ground.
  3. In an eight-page special earlier this month, Der Spiegel called Ramadi "An irritating contradiction to what the rest of the world thinks it knows about Iraq"

  4. Taking into account that Basra is a huge city compared with relatively small Ramadi, Basra looks as more safe.
  5. KGB read that last piece in the context of the article, it says upto June 30th, none have been killed since, well just read the whole article :roll:
  6. Just goes to show what a bit of effort and the right amount of resources does. Helps when the local people are united though with no power struggles going on.....
  7. So the article suggests that after June 30th Ramadi is a calm peacefull city.

    The author claims that

    Note that the article was published 31 August 2007. But

    RIP boy.
  8. Note hopefully my bold, near Ramadi not in the Town, Spc Brooks died of wounds sustained outside Ramadi. All this is happening outside the City of Ramadi, id yes be suprised if something doesnt occur in Ramadi soon, but AT the moment its working well there.
  9. Well, maybe there were no deaths inside Ramadi. But the battle 30th June also happened outside Ramadi. I reapeat the quote

    So by his remark the author meant Ramadi and nearby area. However

    It is possible to find thousands of Iraqi villages where no one American soldier was killed (inside the villages). But does it prove anything?

    The insurgents are not idiots. Why should they try to operate in Ramadi with 6000-strong garrison? It is too dangerous. They attack occupants outside the city. And the result is the same.