Aquired a new smock

Anyone give me some background to what type it is?

Smock Combat DPM, LT/WT

LJC -8415 - 99 - 2001 - 02


Might be Light Weight, but has a sewn in liner which could be waterproof? (strange oil green colour)
Are the pockets sown down ? or "floppy" as per the current smock

If so its very old
Take it you collect this gear. A picture might help. Liner might not be original.

General Melchett

Picture would be good along with picture of the label.

I thought most clothing NSNs started with C eg CS or CAS for for smocks.
Number you gave does not exist on latest MMPI disk. Closest I got was 8415 99 605 8820 - Jacket, combat cloth, laminated; moisture vapour permeable, desert disruptively patterened; IRR; NATO size 7080/9095.

Its an L item and cost is £34.29. :meditate:
Looks a bit like an Arktis smock but sure it's not?

No I don't collect smock BTW... ha ha ha

I'll try and get a pic.,...

It looks current issue?

General Melchett

Thinking about it, it's probably a spurious label put into an after market smock.

One of the lads bought a lightweight ripstop SAS style smock. the "NSN" in that is LCJ 8415 - 99 - 2004 - 06. That was sold as a latest issue soldier 2005 SAS smock or something similar.

Make up your mind from that.
My SASSkit aftermarket smock has no NSN or similar number.
No liner either but the best jacket I've ever had. OG Ventile special order.

The waterproof dropliner does, now GM mentions it put me in mind of the Arktis/Country Covers ones.

Crappy pic on the country covers website:

Slightly less crappy pics on the arktis website.
Read the specs though.
I just aquired one too!

Only found this thread because i searched the details.

I think it is the BCB smock, going by the jacket description on website.

Internal map pocket, two poachers pockets, no zip chest pockets, strange adjustable cuffs and hood that doesnt tie down like new smocks.

Mine however has no line, could this be a later addition.

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