Aquapure Traveller - Portable Water Filter


Just browsing and I came across this.

I work for Pure Hydration/Bw Technologies, the company that makes this product.

If anyone has any questions or queries on this or any other product of ours post them here and i'll check back later.

Incidentally, we are deomonstrating at the upcoming DSEi show in london on the DESO stand, so if anyone is attending pop along and see us.

These are top quality products that have been used and approved by the MOD for Army and now RAF (we are putting this exact technology into the latest Typhoon Eurofighter as an essential water source for downed pilots see for more details)

Or if you want me to bog off and stop palming my wares onto everyone just let me know! :mrgreen:


Kit Reviewer
If you want to advertise products then clear it with the COs, but announcing your interests up front and answering questions is fine.
Although it looks very gucci, several things spring to mind.

Firstly, I assuming that their cap isn't compatible with the S10 valve. The water may be pure as the driven snow, but what use is it if you have to break seal to drink it? I see they do a CRBN bladder. Great, but how easy it it to drink from when your not masked up?

Secondly, the cost. £35 seems a bit steep. OK, it 10p a litre, but how often do you need to replen your water from an unsafe source? If things got that bad, I'm with PassingBells, millbank bag and puritabs.

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