Aquaint visit!? QARANC

Hi, was wondering if anyone could gove me some tips!
i have my QARANC aquaint visit coming up and i'm really not sure what to expect...
I'm currently studying nursing at university and apparently this is an insite into what nursing in the army is like... or something along those lines...
Could anyone give me any tips on what to expect or even what to wear!

it would be appreciated!


Expect to be taken around the military units within the Aldershot area such as 22 Fd Hosp and MDHU FP to have a look at what roles the QA have.
Also interviews, briefings, a meal in the mess followed by drinks with QA officers to talk to.

Dress smart!

Edited to add: youll only get invited to the meal and drinks if you are going for officer entry.
Rather tame reply by you foxy
Sorry mucker, going through a rather delicate patch at the moment, my QA is on the verge of spawning! hows yours? well I hope.
So much material, but we're not in the Naafi, so I'll resist.

Good luck, hope it goes well.


Be well dressed, listen and be seen to be listening and ask as many questions as you need to...Remember that you have many options and the Army is only one of them. However, it is the best option! Above all relax and dont be intimidated by the history and surroundings. Good luck and enjoy your visit..

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