In the standing, stand square onto target and bend knees.

Shoulders square - full on - slowly raise weapon until leve - control breath - fire

Lower weapon a few inches.

It's much more comfortable and less tiring.

For those about to criticise, my Bn shooting captain won the western shooting title with this stance.
from standing i get the best shot by raising both elbows so they are parralel to the floor making any minor adjustments to the position and releasing the shot and then going back to standing alert.

obviously you'll tire quickly so dont hold the position for more then a breath or two.
this was cited by 2 infantry cpls as the most accurate standing technique.
I find sticking my right elbow in line with my right shoulder and using the overhandish grip on the handguard gives me the best posistion.

But its all down to the Marksmanship Principles at the end of the day!!
Am I the only 1 that's thinking he's said he failed zeroing at 100m. How can you fail zeroing ?? I as remember zeroing is to set the sights to suit you. You can't fail that. Then he goes on to say he's now got the hang of it after the advise he's had from this thread. But every post he uploaded is dated 20th March. I smell bullshit. He said he only fired 5 rounds grouping. Surely him and the nco on the range would check target and adjust sights and fire another 5 rounds. Then recheck and if there all in the middle above the white sticker alls good and it back to the range hut for a mug of tea from the norgy
The poor sod is still on the ranges trying to pass.
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