Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jonny36, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. Back on the ranges after years away. Practice shoot failed on first atempt zeroing weapon in the standing and kneeling at 100m.

    Ok in the prone position, though kneeling and standing I was finding it hard to get a correct steady sight picture to release the shot.

    I found that I was not able to achieve the same sight alignment each time and was the first to have shot all five rounds.

    Any tips so I can get through the APWT without embarissment & flapping.
  2. were you wearing body armour?
  3. No.

    I was probably just rushing, though I need to practice getting myself more stable in those positions. Years past I allways got through the APWT obviously when I was a regular, so I wonder what has changed? Though I was never a great shot.
  4. Application of the marksmanship principles may be a good place to start! also, has there been any progressive marksmanship training - advanced application of fire shoots, using combat positions etc - in the run up, or were you just straight onto the FP for the APWT?
  5. If your zeroed in the prone, you should be zeroed in whatever position your in! Try using squating instead of kneeling, when your firing round cover (leaning on the post) dont lean in too hard, for standing position, I use a biathlon style overhand grip like , it works for me.
  6. Only shot at 100m in the various positions. Not enought time for any coaching just 5 round grouping with a mag of 20.

    APWT will be the next range shoot.
  7. Barrack room lawyer - sorry yes my rifle is now zeroed though I found it hard to gain a pass grouping in the other positions and there was not a post at the 100m point.
  8. Might be worth fiddling about with your right hand ammo pouch so you can rest your elbow on it.
    Worked well for me as I found that I was flapping my arm like a wounded pigeon between shots.

    Again, don't want to seem like I'm teaching you to suck eggs, but the DS always stresses a proper follow-through, measured breathing and taking your time.
  9. Did you have a few problems then originally?
  10. Take your time and don't rush.

    Practice positions and find the most stable for you and remember it.

    Ensure before you squeeze the trigger the sight alignment is spot on not just over the centre of the target and then squeeze and slowly release.

    Never tried it but balance a 2 pence piece at the end of the weapon when squeezing trigger ensuring it stays on the barrel, they will confirm whether you are snatching.
  11. I will practice the positions and also the 2p method.

  12. Dunno if you were asking me, but yes I had problems.

    Last time I was in green we had SLR and that was twenty years ago.

    I snatched the trigger, flapped and wobbled and suffered stoppages. All this was down to poor technique and "ergonomic alienation". Well that's what one of my over-educated opps' told me. The DS suggested that I was a "Fcuking spastic".

    However, I'm now back in the swing of things and scoring consistently well thanks to the tips mentioned above. Still a spastic though.
  13. Did you have the same problem sitting and kneeling?
  14. No, not really.

    Prone is obviously easy and I clocked all the sweats wearing knee and elbow pads which help a lot.

    Kneeling and sitting is all just a question of getting comfortable and so stable. There's no prize for blatting all the rounds off first, so I just forget about everyone else and "in my own time, carry on..."

    Iron or SUSAT?
  15. SUSAT.