Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abs4253, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone done an APWT lately? last one I did was when I was mobilised for telic 5 apparently its changed.
  2. It has, there are totally seperate shoots for the NBC phase and night shoot.

    Makes it harder to pass as well as there is a new scoring system.

    The old one you could shoot all the targets at the easy ranges and miss all the 300mtr ones and still pass, now you have to pass each range and position as well, so no more hording rounds for the 100mtr targets.

    The last shoot is a 300mtr, 3 targets, you have IIRC up to 5 rds per target, but you must get all down, otherwise you fail.
  3. And not before time!!!
  4. Easier said than done in a TA unit that gets one, or maybe two range days a year. Difficult to maintain a standard on 200rds a year.

    DCCT can help but not always available.
  5. There is NO NBC or Night Shoot any more.
  6. I'd rather no whether i was a sh1te shot or not! Especially with these tours hitting us left right and centre!
  7. Do units actually have enough ammunition allocated now to carry out weapon trg (live firing), APWT and remedial trg??????

    We never have before (Int Corps)

    (Edited for speeling)
  8. Ive never heard of dramas like that from an inf bn. Maybe its a corps thing
  9. More likely that the trg wings didn't book the ranges far enough in advance and the ammo wasn't indented for. I've never had ranges binned because there physically was not any ammo available.
  10. At my last sigs unit we had only to attempt an APWT didn't have to pass it
  11. Well he did say int corps so they may have been busy losing pistols
  12. msr

    msr LE

    and that was by a regular...

  13. And that is why the Regs Laugh at us.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    And that's why we laugh at them.
  15. Its okay. Dont be sad. Just ignore them and the laughing will stop. Or pocket a Grenade HE next time your field firing and show them what for!!!