APWT this weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 20, 2005.

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  1. Some of you may have been on this shoot in the flatlands this weekend.

    I'd just like to thank the DS , who kindly advised half way through the APWT , that the rules were changed, and you had to pass EVERY discipline.

    Does anyone know what the current rules are for the APWT?

    Are the Regular rules the same?

    I look forward to getting the results of my shoot 72 fcuking hours after the cocking handle slammed back for the last time. :evil:
  2. Tsk Tsk such language if I were a mod I'd delete it......nah only joshing :wink:
  3. You have to pass at each range ie APWT(TS) 80% at 100,200 and 300 metres. You can however, just shoot each range that you fail at!

    That said the AOSP has just changed and I don't yet have the changes although I understand NBC and Night shoots are out. There will be more emphasis on 200 and 300M.

    Hope this helps.

  4. About APWTs.

    I have one coming up and am a bit worried about the NBC shoot. I wear glasses and have gone through the hoops to get myself specs for my S10. But despite having put in for them months ago, and despite asking nearly every drill night, I still have yet to see them. Without them I won't be able to even make out the targets let alone hit one. So, if I missed every target on the NBC shoot would I still pass? How can I get around this?
  5. I've known chancers in the past try and squeeze off extra rounds at 100 and 200 on the grounds that they "can't hit diddley squat at 300 so it doesn't matter if you run out of ammo". 8O

    Should see a few missed Bounties this year then!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Hey don't get worried about it, wait for the changes to be published or PM me.
  7. It's a good way to make sure a shedload more people fail to qualify for Bounty this year. There were about 80 on the range day , DS did mention he'd be stunned if as many as 20 had passed.

    and I missed 4 at 200. NBC and 400m no dramas. Still nice and gusty and having to check the flag before the next shot made it interesting.

    We were told 400m as well WH.

    Naaaaaaaah I'm a passable shot (edited) . Certainly made me a bit flappy from 300 up though :(
  8. No, you must pass at every range, not every practice


    80% at 100m (12 out of 15)
    60% at 200m (15 out of 25)
    40% at 300m (10 out of 25)
    33% at 400m (5 out of 5 with 15 rounds)

    I could be wrong though.
  9. LOL well I'm not gonna ever get a bounty then.

    I'm a good shot, if I can use my Left eye, otherwise forget it. I'll be lucky if the target gets scared at 100 yards useing my right eye :lol:
  10. Thought the requirement for Bounty purposes was that you had to pass Grouping and Zeroing and attempt the APWT?

    Depending on what Arm you're in, also determines how much range time you'll get. I'd expect Infantry to be on the ranges a lot more than CSS units, although I suspect that's not the case.
  11. Re 'pass' or 'attempt' APWT for bounty purposes - this is up to the individual CO to stipulate. The 'new' rule is 'at every range', not every practice. So using up all rounds at 100 and 200 because you 'know' you'll miss the 300/400 practices would fail you. Good! Everyone should be able to shoot. Of course, not everyone can shoot to the standard of infantry - but that's why, for example, our C.O.s have always stipulated APWT CI for us, and TS for attached pers - AGC, REME VMs, RLC chefs etc.
    If people aren't getting in the range time to shoot to a certain standard before the APWT, that's another issue.
  12. Had a disscusion about shooting dont do a lot with rifle as sf gunner now
    had to ask what application of fire was .when it was explained to me (the shooting from various postions) my reply was" oh thats the bit we never do"
    well its the truth :lol: .boss seemed upset at that
  13. I passed my SA(B)90 last year and the numbers we were given for the APWT(TS) were

    14 out of 20 at 100m
    15 out of 25 at 200m
    9 out of 15 at 300m

    Yes you had to pass at each range but you only had to re shoot the range you failed. Not entirely sure of the numbers for the APWT(CI) but the same rules apply. We were however briefed that the APWT itself was changing with the NBC being removed although i've yet to hear anything.
  14. Yes, I remember having to wait a whole dayyy in the baking sun of Catterick... yes u did read that right.. baking sun of Catterick for the rest of Platoon to get through.. I did have to reshoot some though I admit!

    Some APWTs I have been on they jus say pass, fail based on the total amount of targets hit... and on one occassion when there has a storm down Folkstone and you could not see the targets, they just said... ermm everyones passed.. on yer bike!
  15. hythe and lydd ranges. To try shoot on the range when the sea mist/fog
    comes in oh happy days not :lol: . the resi shoot is still in did apwt in january
    passed 2nd time at 400m or the range staff got bored :)