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Can anyone please tell me what the passmark is for Marksman on the new APWT when shooting with an Iron Site (attached to a rifle of course)? The Pam I have access to is out of date.
36pts for APWT(TS).
BUT there is pass mark for each distance. Fail at 100, 200 or 300 is a fail overall, although, you only have to re-take that distance. Cannot remember exactly but I think it's 17 at 100, 14 at 200 and 5 at 300.
BeastAppreciationSociety. said:
big_bad_bill said:
5 at 300.
Definetly 5 @ 300m. Last time I sat the test I managed 8 points with 5 rounds :roll:
15 rds at 300m. Maximum of 3 rds at each exposure (5 exposures of a fig 11, fall when hit).

You must hit every exposure at 300m to pass the APWT or suffer the humiliation of a re-shoot at that distance.
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