APWT made easy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by moving-target-survivor, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. I always found extra and/or redistributed rounds made it a lot easier...
  2. As did bribing the butt party.
  3. Or the old 7.62 pencil in the top pocket!
  4. As my PW was the SMG, I found spitting the rounds at the target to be more effective than firing them...

  5. Now, i remember the old urban myth of the 80's that holding a wringing wet issue scratchy blanket up & blatting away at it with the SMG would act as a makeshift ballistic screen as the gatt was so shat. Never saw it done as no fcuker was brave to try it. True or bollocks?

    Did see a section commander let off a full mag over the heads of the micks in some crummy market is W Belfast when he fell out of the back of a pig & ND'ed catching his toe on that little lip at the back doors. Never seen a faster re-bus & fcuk off sharpish. If i remember rightly none of the shoppers batted an eyelid as the 9millie went skywards.
  6. 80s? Sprog! :D

    In my day, the description was "they wouldn't knock the blanco off your belt at more than 30 yards...).

    I never felt tempted to test the saying...

  7. Remember going on a Small Arms training Cours ein Portsmouth, one of the participants was a Maltese Steward, didn't manage to hit anything with SLR or 9mm Pistol, finally managed to bruise the target with SMG after Instructor reached round and held it for him, whilst he gave the trigger a quick pull.

    and yes we were matelots.
  8. No shit :D

  9. We'd never have guessed you were matelots!!!