APU Charity Event for Forces Hospital, 15 March 2008

Birmingham International Airport is the arrival point for military casulties from abroad into the U.K.
From the Airport the ambulances make their way to the military hospital wing at Selly Oak. The Airport Police Unit supervise the arrival of the flights and, apparently, many of the officer's have been extremely moved performing this duty and so they have decided to raise money to improve the conditions at the hospital, both for the soldiers and their families. The military wish to build an external rest area and garden at the hospital and have just been given permission to do so. The Police wish to pay for that and buy anything else they want to make life more comfortable. Any extra money will be donated to service charities.
To raise the money they are going to pull a plane around the Elmdon terminal area and then carry a stretcher(preferably with a 'patient')the 14 miles from the airport to the hospital. This will take place on Saturday 15 March.

Below, a copy of the sponorship form is reproduced. If any of you consider to sponsor this event - as it is only right that our armed forces are aware of the support they enjoy, especially when they need it most - any and all donation's will be greatly appreciated.....every pound will help.

Please print off a copy and send your cheque - payable to; "Airport Police Charity Fund" - with the form, to;

Airport Police Unit
c/o Birmingham Airport
B26 3QJ

Thank you

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