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Hey guys, I have just passed ADSC and I am joining the Royal Engineers; I was hoping to as an Electrician, but my recruiter has told me the next intake is in 6 months and that with my qualifications etc i should aim higher anyway and suggested joining as a Geographic Data Technician instead which if I choose it I could be starting basic on October!
This job does actually appeal to me because I am interested in geography and also got a B in it at GCSE, the prospects are better than an electrician and also the pay is higher and I still get to join the RE so happy days :D
The thing is though you have to take a 2 day course, an 'aptitude test', before hand and i'm just wondering if anyone has done it before or/and know what it involves?
Any information would be much appreciated,
Thanks a lot.
no you dont join the RE, Geo boys are based in hermitage and germany and you become a geek that will in the future become part of intel. However they are not the same as ME Surveyor Engineer.

Geo boys wear the belt but definitely do not do as the corps do!!

Don't do it, his trying to make his quota.

What PM? My inbox is empty...
Thank you though cheggars, if it is true what you are saying and the "Geo boys" don't do RE work then I don't want to join them then, the main thing for me is joining RE and doing RE work...
I forgot to mention you get two and a half grand just for choosing that job but for me it's not the money I am joining for, if it was I would join REME etc or indeed Geo...
I will probably choose plumbing and heating, refridgeration and air conditioning or something like that because they have intakes of 1-2 months aswell.
Thanks again.
Nothing like reinforcing the old stereotype Cheggers, truth is the Geo boys are some of the most intelligent (if sometimes lacking a bit of common in the army). Depends where you get posted, they work everywhere, not just UK/Germany and will provide you with qualifications (a Foundation Degree) that will allow you to walk into a well paid job once you leave. Or you could go and be a knocker? Your choice.

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