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:) hi all. new to this site and must say very impressed by some of the information that can be obtained so to that end i was wondering if anyone could give me advice on aptitude as i sit it in march and dont really know what to expect or how to prepare any sensible advice would be greatly appreciated :D
Hi pa38.

Just to clarify mate, do you mean aptitude tests at RAF Cranwell or the tests at Middle Wallop ?


Take a look at www.pprune.org, go to the military forum and check back over the last couple of weeks for post similar to yours. There is some good, helpful advice there. The advice you seek is there, mixed in with a large amount of cynicism and obfuscation. Don't post bone questions until you've checked to see if someone else hasn't beaten you to it.

Good luck; if you can get through, you'll have deserved it.
pa38 I only took the tests a couple of years ago at Cranwell, if they've not changed them there's not really a lot you can do to study for them. They're all 'hold the dot steady in the centre of the screen' and 'which direction is this aircraft heading' (in a snapshot of about 0.1 sec) type of stuff. That and the medicals of course.

Good luck
I passed the aptitude tests for the RN a few years ago. Your PPL will make no difference. If you have good hand eye coordination and can hold your own at mental arithmetic you should do fine. I'd imagine the Army, Navy and RAF tests are all pretty similar. I think the best advice I was given was to try and relax.

Things not to do:

Get pissed in the bar the night before watching Top Gun with a bunch of Crab Wannabes that can tell you each line of the film 3 seconds before it's said and who stand up and play air guitar to the theme tune.

Get so worried about it that you can't sleep and feel so tired in the morning that you need ten cups of coffee, after which your chances of being smooth with the controls are somewhat f*cked.

Listen to the loudmouth plane spotter who says it's all a 'piece of urine' as his name's actually Tom Cruise Von Richthofen.

Anyway, Good Luck!
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