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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by JaxxD, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. I was on the Army website and I noticed that the only tests on there to practice are for people who wish to join as a soldier. I'm just wondering are there any online resources for the tests potential officers will have to take? or do both potential soldiers and potential officers have to take the same tests?
    Thanks for your help.
  2. Incoming!
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  3. Officer Entry Aptitude Tests. Pt 2

    1. Nigel is married to Cynthia. Who is Cynthia's Husband?

    2. You are a new commissioned, 22 year old 1st Lieutenant. Your Platoon comprises of 1 x 27 year old Sgt who joined at 18, 3 x 24 year old Cpls who also have over 5 years experience and 27 other assorted soldiers with various length of service, skills and knowledge. Who is in charge?

    3. What colour trousers do you wear to a 'must attend' informal gathering at the CO's Residence?

    4. You meet a stunningly attractive woman from outside your usual social circle and you get on very well with each other, in fact, she brings you a joy and passion for life that you have never encountered before. She has a 'Gor Blimey' or Australian accent. What table does she sit on at your first Regimental Mess do?

    5. You are confronted with a wall complete with an unlocked door in the centre of it. Your task is to find a way to the other side of the wall. To assist you, there are a team of 7 dribbling morons, 4 x empty 55 gal oil drums, 2 8ft scaffold boards and 3 x 2 metre lengths of rope, and a bag of onions. To the nearest minute how long should it take to devise and execute a plan?

    6. You and your Platoon have spent the past 36 hours patrolling part of a dangerous foreign country. Everyone is tired but alert. You find a shaded, protected location and want to brief your NCO's via a quick 'O' group.

    Do you A) Let everyone get comfortable and be ready to receive info B) Make everyone stand up because you once saw it done by a super duper global business Corporation? or C) Think 'Feck it, it don't mean shit'

    7. When drinking Tea in the Mess, if the Telegraph is at 2400 mils in relation to the entrance, in what direct must the Primark catalogue be pointing? - Answer to be written in Modern Hebrew.

    8. A long serving and frightening LE officer treats you with total contempt and calls you a failed catamite. Do you feign outrage or respond in a seductive, coy manner?

    9. While checking the Mess Silver, you notice that the Adj, a notorious drunk and pad shagger, sneaking out carrying what appears to be a cash box. Do you report him to the oncoming Orderly Officer or challenge him with a view to sharing the proceeds?

    10. Ignore all previous questions.