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Hello All,

The time has come for me to buy some new running shoes. Does anyone have an opinion of the new trainers issued to APTC staff as i have seen a SMI rocking about in them and they looked like fairly decent trainers!?

does anyone know where i can buy some!?


ok well i just did a bit of a google search and it would seem that these trainers have been tested to death by all APTC PTI's and seemed to have done well.

Thus i change my question to....is there anyway i can get these trainers through the system for cheaper than in civvy street!?
think the cheapest place is the pri shop winchester
i was told yesterday that Q stores still have over 3,000 pairs of silver shadows to get rid of!.....there is no way T.A will get these PT03's for atleast 3 years!

anyone from the PTC want to get me a pair £30!? thought not!
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