APTC Officers?

Hi all,
Just a quick question...I've done some research into the role of Officers in the APTC and not really come up with anything. Had a look on the army.mod site and it was mainly focussed on NCO PTI's so that wasn't a great help.
It would be really helpful if anyone could fill me in on what their role is/which particular course one would apply to after sandhurst/regiment to attempt entry.
Cheers, and happy easter of you're that way inclined :D
APTC Officer entry is LE only as far as I'm aware, the same as the SASC .
Correct, for most of the specialist instructional type Corps Officers are commissioned from WO's The SASC, APTC and MPS are all Sgt's on transfer from other Regiments or Corps. Officers are then selected from the respective Corps, usually Warrant Officers and exceptionally from SNCO
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