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APTC and AGC Corps Marches

Its sad but true I am currently trying to compile a CD of all Corps Marches and was wondering if anyone knew of a site or had a downloadable (mp3) version of the afore mentioned marches ?

Thanks in anticipation
Badass contributed this in the thread entitled "Stress Attack - AGC(SPS)"

We are the 'dogs gonads'......and blokes in the AGC are still a bunch of 'Maureens'.........although when you say it fast....it does sound like 'Marines', so you can still impress the chix in loud clubs.

"In the Maureens.....
you can type and file with ease....
In the Maureens...
spill lots of Tippex on your knees
In the Maureens....
you know you wanna make a stand
In the Maureens..........
Perhaps you should have joined the Band!!!

(To the tune of 'In the Navy')

Get a Man's job Maureen!
He's very proud of it.

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