Aprils Pay?

I know March's pay will be in early May, but I put an individual pay sheet in for April on the 23rd of April. Will this go on on at the same time or June?

I can say i have been informed that both pay for March and April will be in on or around May 11th or there abouts.

Hope this Helps.

If it helps further i have not got my bounty yet !!
we were told that our march pay would be delayed by a month but nobody mentioned our bountys.

quite surprised to see the bounty paid mid april..pity it didnt last longer than about 30 mins
Cheers boys!
I'll quote myself from another thread;

Pay for Feb - if your staff did their jobs properly - was on the 9th March.

Pay for March in banks by 30th April alledgedly (again if your staff have managed to do the uploads..there have been some er "issues" with them)

There is a pay run on the 5th(?) of May; to be in banks by 11th May - this is for pay that missed the end of April run - due to JPA etc.

Next date after that is 24th May - to be in by end of May.
And then around 24th of the month to be in for the end is to be the norm apparently

Your pay sheet for April given in yesterday should (I say should) be paid 11th May :]
It would appear that pay for April well March and April actually will be in the bank by 30 Apr 07. I and lots of others have been working on JPA this last week ensuring all our units attendance has been uploaded to the system. I can only speak for my own unit and those in 51 Scottish Bde and we have uploaded 97% of all outstanding days. The only ones not uploaded are in specialist areas and work is ongoing to ensure they are on soon. So if you are in 51 Bde you should be in the money next week. Your unit HR Admin guys can log on and check your statement of earnings to see how much is heading for you account. I would bear in mind though that they can only do one at a time so be patient. For those who are concerned that they do not have a JPA login yet there is no reason to worry as all pay matters are still the remit of the HR Admin staff. If anyone has a specific query that they think I might be able to help with please feel free to PM me.
No pay ( still waiting on January's)

No bounty

Roll on pay day :(
I have been paid what looks like 1 weekends pay and some drill nights (March's pay) today 27/04/07.

Should I expect Aprils pay early May?
Yes, if your staff missed the deadline (last monday) due to JPA issues then expect it on the 11th May (Unless they hate you)

Although I find it strange you've been paid today, I was under the impression (from SPS/JPAC) there would be no payments before 30th April :E

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