April's death

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Captain_Carrot, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. If I was in charge, the body would have been found within 5 minutes. All I would have required is as follows:

    1 x Prison cel
    1 x Table, GS.
    1 x Claw Hammer
    1 x Belt Sander
    1 x Kukuri, Utility
    5 x Tourniquets
    10 x Rolls, Black nasty variant

    The ****** would have squealed very quickly once he started to resemble Krang from Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles crossed with a blood orange. Gopping ****.
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  2. If it he probably didn't?
  3. Que?
  4. Don't disagree UKTAP but evidentially weak? Raises the question of what's more important - finding the deceased or sending him away forever? I was just wondering why these people can't fully admit their guilt. Good question tho.
  5. You off again..??.. last time you were 'doing' some bloke that asked his Doris to pack in uni..
  6. I'm afraid even I'm not hard enough to 'do' people over the internet. I just have to rely on dreaming about it. For now...
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  7. Sunoficarus - you suggesting he didn't do it?? Eh, what?
  8. Probably did is not the same as actually did.
  9. Do yo know something we and he prosecution don't know?
    Step forward and change the case from probably to definitely.
  10. Only in grammar icarus mate. In law see my 1st post.
  11. Your post No 3 is garbled, could mean he probably did and/or probably didn't.
    In English, please.
  12. If you're not aware Huntley claimed both girls died through actions he took but it want murder 'cos I didn't mean it'. And nobody believed him. I think the defence will be similar and - a guess - nobody will believe that either.
    I mean what would you do if you accidentally killed someone? Beg forgiveness or hide the body? Really?
  13. *wasn't* murder
  14. OK, he's guilty, lets just dispense with this evidence and trial nonsence and lynch him.
    It's what the Sun and the pobol y cwm would want.

    Cue lynch mobs and banjos.