April Signals Cadre - Blanford

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Woody32, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. I recieved a letter through the post and I have been 'selected' to go on a signals course in early April. Is anybody else going on this (cadet or otherewise) or been on it?? what is it like?? etc? etc?
  2. I've requested to go on some otc signals course in April but may be stopped from going as I'm low on MTDs. We don't have a signals wing in our otc, I'm inf wing, so I expect my signals experience will be limited compared to some people going. If anyone has any experience of previous courses I too would be interested about exactly what will be going on.

  3. I wouldn't bet on that meatballsnpasta, my names been sent off, you'll be able to marvel at my skill of trying to jam the whip aerial in the handset socket of a PRC 351, or something along those lines.

    If anyone has any information on the course though, that'll be grand.
  4. [quote/
    If anyone has any information on the course though, that'll be grand.[/quote]

    Are we talking about the two week OTC course or the one week cadet (ACF/CCF) course? If you clarify this, I will be happy to provide details.
  5. Ah, didn't know there was a cadet one going on. I'm talking OTC course, 18th-28th April. Not sure which Woody was asking about.
  6. Yep 18th-28th April for me too.
  7. Although I cannot vouch that the things tought have changed since I went on mine (sad to say 2000) the social side is still a good crack. Getting matey with the current troopies course there and enjoy two good weeks on the lash, making sure you get out on the piss in Blandford and Bournemouth as well as the mess.

    I had an absolute blinder on mine and it is generally accepted by all that you are there to get minging every night. Go for it, whether heading for the Corps or not.
  8. Troopies course = learning how to drink. OTC signals course = learning how to talk when drunk by the sounds of it.
  9. OK - sorted! On the OTC course you will meet the Clansman kit, although conversion to Bowman is going fast now, so you may get some exposure to that. Some practical work with Exercise Training Troop (formerly Radex Troop). You will have to prepare a presentation on a miltary topic, and you will get a fair bit of the planning processes that Troop Commanders do on the command section of their course. You will also come across Ptarmigan, maybe Satcom as well. Organisation has changed a lot in the last year - no more Radio Systems Group and Area Systems Group; its all together in Communications Support Group now.
    The bar in the HQ Mess is excellent - and very cheap in comparison to civilian prices!
    Just try and avoid late night drill in strange dress codes and keep clear of the moat after a heavy session.
    Its a good time, relatively laid back and non physical, and should be good fun! Enjoy!!!
  10. Sounds good, look forward to it.
  11. Judging by Woody's previous posts he was talking about the ACF course.

    therealmikey I take it you're the signals guru from a certain acf forum? :]
  12. yes i was on about the cadet one, (13th to 18th i think). I was just wondering what you cover, what kit is needed, what the accomadation is like, are their any loose stunners on camp etc. etc.
  13. I was replying to this post in describing the OTC course. The ACF/CCF ones are only five days and don't go into the command topics or Satcom. However, they will cover Ptarmigan, VP, Batco, Clansman and line (either field cables on the "post-class" course or fibre optics on the advanced (HF) course.
    I spend about 10 weeks a year at RSS Blandford and still can't believe they pay me to stay in the HQ Mess! Mind you, its frightening when you leave and go into a real pub and expect a fiver to cover a round!!!
    For Woody's info, if you PM me, I can send more details of the courses. The accommodation is in portakabins for male cadets, but still better than most cadet camps. The only loose stunners you'll see around camp are in the hands of the Provosts, and I'm talking about their batons! Kit will basically be Combat pyjamas and a large notebook and pen/pencil. There is quite a bit of info on the www.armycadetforce.com website in the Signals section in the Blandford threads.

    And to answer mongoose, Yes I am!
  14. Oh yippee, more men coming to Blandford! Because of course this is what all true Blandfordian girls are thinking but as i am a proper young lady, I will just look from afar!!!! I would just like to mention that the Sgts Mess bar is a lovely place, but even though you jest bout the prices of the beer there are still certain long in the tooth Sgts who winge bout the 85p you pay for a pint!!!! Apparently used to have a very nice barmaid there in 2004!! Very Smiley!
  15. Hi blandford_chick. We must be "neighbours".