April in Fallujah or The Fallujah Follies

What is happening this week in Fallujah and the Suni triangle was clearly necessary but far more difficult than it had to be because of that baffling ceasefire in April when we had them on the fukcing ropes.

Can someone please please explain to me what the Administration (ours or yours, the Blues Brothers Blair & Bush) had in mind 8 months ago. I'm baffled. Why did we p*ss around like that?

I'm jizzed that Bush won, my countrymen made the right choice thanks to whacked ******* like Michael Moore. But gotta agree with Hackworth--

Now that the election’s over, President Bush needs to deep-six his candidate hat and get serious as commander-in-chief. His first priority should be to hold accountable those defense and intelligence chiefs and their high-level underlings responsible for the many grievous, even criminal, mistakes that have occurred in Iraq on their watch
Our guys will pull off what needs to be done in Fallujah fo sho IF we let them get on with it. Just fukcin' yank off their knackers, off what's left and be done with it. (And when more crawl out from under a rock, do it again. )

P.S. Damn, what you have to do to get a good ol' Anglo-Saxon expletive posted! Do you know this bollixed engine actually changed my "p-i-s-s around" to "urine around"?? What is this, the boinking Christian Sceince Monitor? :roll:
PT, good to see you!

I think they stopped the fighting in April because of the elections. Casualties tend to look bad at election time, or so think the political weenies.
8O PT and Cpl -- Seems almost like old times. In Fallujah, the USMC, support by the good old US Army are doing a terrific job. But, it looks like most of the big fish have again swum under the nets and moved elsewhere. We'll probably have to do the same thing with Samara and Sadr City. This time we have to keep with it until the job is really done. If the Iraqi electio has to be postponed, so be it. We can't let the same type of crap happen again. JQ
Hey Cpl and JQ, real nice to snag a lil' GI Jargon corner here on the good ship HMS ARRSE.

Don't you think our ops plans over there ought to be conducted with NO briefings of any Iraqis? And how the hell could Allawi's relatives get abducted??



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