April Fools?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. Only a few days to go! I'm desperately trying to thing of something to wind my mate up.

    What's the best ones you've done/had done or heard of? Last year I sent my line manager a letter from the council saying he owed them £500 for a parking ticket, he was on the phone for an hour before he realised there wasn't a councellor called Jenna Jameson.

  2. one thing i always do on april fools is say to someone "hold on mate ive got something for you!" i reach into my pocket and pull out a middle finger!
  3. Depends on the type of bloke he is but get a pregnant woman to show up on his doorstep crying and claiming "it's his"...
  4. Or better yet, pay some heroin addict to cry rape.

    6 hours in the cells after having his mouth swabbed, finger prints and mugshot taken would be hard to top
  5. I fly to New Zealand departing on the 31st and arrive on the 2nd so with 30 odd hours on a plane i've a sneaking suspicion i wont no where i am or what time it is by the time i arrive, natures april fools. or the free booze in economy ;)

    Cant beat winding up a mates new girlfriend by getting a girl to do the bunny boiler ex to him.
  6. i have a fantastic idea, why not get into the office early!!! and hang your self so that every one finds your swinging body when they get in the office!!

    oh yeah and post it on youtube
  7. Make him penut you and make the tie like one that falls off instantly, and he'll go flying
  8. Or if you don't want a tie, do a prank like on Youtube. There are some pretty funny ones...
  9. Watch "never attack a black man" on Youtube it is petty hilarious, the prank goes as wrong as it can get!
  10. Thanks for reminding me mate, I've got to do my mates in it will be so cool!
  11. Can I have a pint of what RoyalMarine1995 has been drinking, please?
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  12. One post a minute for four minutes? Are you stupid or something?
  13. Does anyone remember the story a couple of years ago where a young lad wrote up a fake mobilisation paper and showed it to his mother? He wasn't even serving in any branch of the forces!!!!! Couldn't find a link to the story sorry.

    Or how about this one
  14. How about some test results from your local NHS screening centre?

  15. You could always tell your next door neighbour that one, Doctor Gordon Brown of Kirkaldy, is going to be their new Landlord, or is moving in next door but one.....