April Fools - suggestions?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ABrighter2006, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. OKay guys and gals, you know the score. Small window of "opportunity" to wind up various.

    What were / are the best ones that the ARRSE massive can come up with?

    Will check back later, in the meantime, off to hang more spaghetti on the tree outside.

    Alternately, feel free to post nominations.
  2. i've just told people i broke my arm and needed 44 internal stitches attempting squats in a gym,wish it was an april fools trick!!! :x
  3. Wing nut tree

    "Hot dry summer" long range forecast.

    Get your commercial pilots licence in 5 days advert.

    Meat free T bone steaks on special offer.

    "Unleaded" flamethrowers to be introduced to the Army's arsenal.
  4. Bit of an oldie - Leave an urgent message to contact Mr Lyon on a colleagues desk inputting the number of the local zoo on the message.
  5. Ring Jesus College and ask "Is that Jesus?" When they reply "Yes" simply say "Good luck for Sunday then!" and hang up.

    Call them back and christmas, repeat opening gambit but when they say "Yes" sing Happy birthday to them. Do it at midnight after the pub. They won't mind, they are used to it...

    Unlike the Salvation Army, who when phoned once and asked "Do you save fallen women" replied "Yes". I replied "Good, can you save one for me, I'll be round about ten to collect her." Humourless sods.
  6. One year, probably 1992 .....( did we have a General Election 1992? )..... I went into work around lunchtime, for a afternoon shift, and my colleague asked if I had been caught out by any April Fools. I told him that I'd seen a bizarre April Fool on TV that morning. I told him about this spoof Election Ad I'd seen, for the Natural Law Party, with all these folk doing Yogic Flying on a mattress.

    He said "Nah!!!!!!! Bovvy, you plonker!!!!! That wasn't an April Fool. That was REAL." :omg:
  7. The Labour Election pledges....
  8. I saw that ad as well, made dwarf throwing seem normal, quality. :D
  9. IVV - Off thread, but where does all your anger come from? I had a look at all your posts yesterday and you seem to post very little except to vent your spleen against Europe/Labour et al
  10. Time of the month :twisted:
  11. It isnt off thread... have you seen that manifesto? An April fools joke would be at least harmless.

    My anger comes from seeing what they have done to my country old boy, that and knowing that some of our fellow soldiers are dead due to their lies and neglect. :x

    OK... back to topic now!
  12. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    What's happened to the traditional BMW adverts? There always used to be a full pager in the rag for a chuckle in the morning.

    My favourite was about there being a slew of fake 3 series and the advert laid out a series of test to ascertain if you had the real deal. The final test was about comfort and it would be a genuine model if you could lie on your back on the front seat and place your soles of your feet on the top of the windscreen.

    Reminds me of....