April Fool stories

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. It's spoof story day again , so which newspapers are running them and where?

    Just been going through the BBC website, so far I've found

    Labour 'to boost homeownership'

    First win to Zimbabwe opposition

    US intelligence credibility suffers blow

    Any more?
  2. Couple more spoofs from the BBC

    1. Pope suffers heart failure ( cannot see the funny side though)
    2. Charles still to marry that hog Cammy
    3. Lib dems vow to ditch council tax.
    4. Lack of Sperm donors, to earn yourself 75 quid, pop down to your local centre and suffle away to your hearts content.

  3. Dailt Telegraph Page 5

    "BMW Uninvents the wheel"

    Qite clever and almost had me going, until I realised how bloody stupid it/I was
  4. Heard on BFBS radio this morning, new invention for disabled people, thought controlled remote control for TV, it was fcuking early though, took about a minute to register. 8O
  5. Radio 4 reports this morning indicate tht Camilla's son Tom would become 2nd in line to the throne (ahead of Harry and William)

    Quite a plausible story... would the BBC DARE make that up?
  6. The Scotsman ran a story about a EU directive to rename "offensive" towns and geographical features. For example, "Fort William" (sexist male second word) would be renamed "Fort Nevis". Almost plausible in this day and age.
  7. It certainly wasn't april fools when a load of RAF got selected for redundancy yesterday......some pretty happy people are going to be walking out with a lot of money.....most likely back in to the same jobs they had before, but just civilianised. Sound familiar?
  8. I was woken by a phone call from Rolph Harris, all was going well till he started singing "two little boys" down the phone to me. Hmmm.

    That's the problem with giving your mobile number to Troopers, clearly!
  9. That was on TV as well, interviewed a bloke paralysed from the neck down, would be a bit sick if it was an April Fool.
  10. I liked the one in the Telegraph about wild flowers in Death Valley and the influx of tourist causing a shortage of bog roll, fights over petrol etc........still they are Septics so it could be treu
  11. RTFQ


  12. I heard on the radio that Whoopy Goldberg has shocked her family and friends by telling them that she plans to get re-married today to a man 27yrs her junior. Her fiance Ramirez Cushion is said to be exstatic and looking forward to expressing their love for each other....

    I'll get my coat :oops: :D
  13. Daily Mail today: ROCKET RIDE TO HEAVEN. Story about a chap by the name of Ronald Cook recently deceased, who's relatives decided to send his ashes on their way by strapping them to a firework. This was organised by a company called "Heavens above".

    To be fair, if it was true, that would be an awesome way to ENDEX!
  14. How about the Royal Corps of Signals promotion board results that were released today?
  15. There was a good one in the Scotsman today about the Police, Security Service and RAF hunting for the prototype invisible car which had been stolen in Glasgow. Amazingly more than a couple of my colleagues were caught out.

    A couple of years back, when the sandpit was permanently in the news, my happily retired father received an official looking letter by recorded post informing him he was being recalled to active duty immediately and was to report to his nearest RAF station for processing. Unfortunately he didn't fall for it but my younger brother (16 at the time) was over the moon when he received noification of his selection for the elite "special forces youth reconnaissance unit". Heartbroken when he twigged, the little walt.