April 2011 ASCLB


Probably when they pull their thumbs out of their arses and publish the Corps Order which was due on 07 Apr.


MCM seem to be running slightly behind at the mo on most things,just wish they would pass a message down and inform everyone what's going on!
I've been close to calling them myself to find out if the actually have a date for it being released but would probably get a slapped wrist!!


It's all the tours, exercises, Raat tasks and duties they get stiffed with, it can all get a bit much sometimes.
The results are now not going to be out until the 19th of this month (from a reliable source), if you do get hold of them before give us a shout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
i was looking for it on the 5th aswell, i got fed up looking for something that wasnt there so i sent an email using the CoC and got a reply from REME MCM, results not til 19th May.

Hope this puts your mind at ease, knowledge is power!

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