Appropriate mark-up when lending Mess Facilities?

Interesting point arose recently, concerning the situation where unit A kindly lend their faciities to unit B for a function.

I'd heard that there is a maximum mark up on bar prices when its a services do, but this does not apply if the facilities are used by a civilian unit.

Any knowledgeable views?

I think the mark up on bar prices is set by the mess members on voting.

It would depend on who buys the beer. If a civvy contractor, such Sodhexo, runs the mess then prices may not be flexible as they will take the profits.

All alcohol, less wine and port, is supplied by Sodexho. It has been voted that only 10% is made on the cost price. This way the beer is cheap 90p a pint, and they get minimum profit :twisted:

Thw wine is purchased as a mess assett, again a minimum profit is made but at least that profit goes back into the mess.
General, if a contractor runs your mess the mess should still get the profits from the bar as set by the members. The contractor is already paid by the MoD for the service (?) they provide. A good contact will have the contractor; doing the mess bills, buying, selling and accounting for the VAT whilst the mess members receive the profits.

Mess members cannot however profit from renting out the mess as of course it belongs to HMG and any such charges would have to be paid to the public purse, you can however make a small charge for the use of extras in the mess.

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