Apprentice - The Winner revealed

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by The-Goose, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone agree that Bens' gushing praise towards Deborah, indicates that it is she who wins?

    Has the filming finished?
  2. What has happened in previous series is that filming takes place up to a live final and it is announced after the last task ( usually involves past team members coming back)
  3. not her then

    Hey that was impressive I posted that before she was fired ( thanks to being a mong and getting her and another one mixed up)
  4. I reckon Jasmina gets it. But after tonight I think she is in it for the wrong reason and only plans a short stay with Sir Alan, aswell as continuing to run her own business.
  5. Kate to me has been solid, reminds me very much of Michelle from last ( poss last but one) serise who ended up being the apprentice but her private life got in the way and she quit, I have to very much agree with Kate's comments about women, I would have liked to have seen James hired!
  6. Blonde bird gets it, the first camera shot in the final boardroom shows her sitting to Alan Sugars right, and thats the direction his hand is pointing in when he says "You're Hired".
  7. though listening to the interviews of the contenders earlier,

    that geordie lad, says "i would have hired (the blonde one that would get it) " its just the way he said it sugested she might have got the boot,
  8. I thought it was aimed at jasmina, depends were your sitting I suppose? :wink:
  9. I bet Kate gets in.
  10. Who the fuck is who?!?! I just want to anally scuttle the blondie with a pine cone.
  11. Kate is the fit blonde one. Jasmina is the Iranian shemale.