Apprentice electrician wanting to join army to do similar role?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Duffman4, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi first post.

    Recently the company i was doing an apprenticeship for ceased trading, and therefore i lost my apprenticeship, (although still in college). Just a question for any electricians within the army, past or present, or anyone who can give me info on the trade within the army,

    is the work similar to domestic, commercial or industrial that you would find in civvie street?

    Are the qualifications recognized by civilian employers? i.e are you quite employable once back in civilian world.

    What role do electricians play whilst on base and away on tour?
  2. read the Sappers forum it will answer your questions.
  3. Remember that it's Soldier first and Tradesman second, if your happy with that, go down to the ACIO and ask what is available, Good Luck.
  4. by soldier first, i assume you mean that although i maybe an electrician within the army i would/could be called to do patrolling like infantrymen?, or are you looked at like you are an infantryman, but with a trade to use if required? or vice versa?