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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Snakecharmer, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Wonder if anyone can tell me when the RAMC Apprentice College at Keogh closed down, and what happened to the lads that were still in boys service ??
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It must have moved to Arborfield late 80's and many of the Apps are now commissioned at Lt Col/ Maj level, I belive some active users are on the site!

    Some are just civvies now; who are justly proud of being part of something quite exceptional. i.e Me!
  3. Nothing happened to the lads in boys' service at the time... they just got to the end of their brat service and joined their units/adult training.

    Further intakes were stopped prior to the close down of hte college.
  4. Ventress you hit the nail on the proverbial head fella, I too am proud of being part of that exceptional institution. Another shocking loss to the AMS when it closed.

    Whatever happened to Major T?
  5. Still remember the poor little souls getting milk and cakes in the evening - and queue jumping the recruits in the dinner queue.

    Bless - they were special............................
  6. Venty still gets milk and cakes in the evening, it's all the nurses will bring him in the home!
  7. Apprentices College at Keogh, loved every minute of it. Know of at least one full colonel who was there with me.

    Weren't a lot of the recruits w4nkers? Especially the ones who used to get all jealous because we got supper!
  8. Thanks for the info fellas, it was only after a recent visit to the Museum at Keogh that I fond out that the College was long gone.. A search on the internet came up with nothing - as if it had never existed. Did all the Army Apprentice College's close down around the same time?
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I think some hung on, REME and ACC survived, but they were doomed when money became an issue.

    Its nice to see the crows still jealous of what we had. They were churned out in 10 weeks and the Apprentice took over a year to get ready.
  10. My intake was the last at the Apprentice College, 04 Sept 1984 we started and it closed its doors in August 1985. We were all given pewter tankards to mark the occassion.

    We were Apprentices, then Junior Tradesmen and finally Junior Leaders, all in the space of 11 months! Somebody somewhere didnt seem able to go firm on what we were to be called. Made me laugh how those who were recruits called us 'Brats' and thought it was an insult, we called ourselves 'Brats' and once wed left the College it was like being a member of a club.

    What happened to us? We just all went off to our units early. I think about 14 of us went to 23 PFA (without volunteering).
  11. The death knell was 1993 (IIRC) when the Junior Army was demolished. Up until then prety much every capbadge / Inf Division had a Junior unit of some sort.

    Signals had 3 entries. Junior Soldier (usually older than 17 but under 17 1/2) trained with the Junior Leader, but then just kept busy until old enough to go to Catterick. Junior Leader, usually 16 1/2 to 17, trained for a year with emphasis on leadership and mil skills (most ended up Sgt Majors) and finally the Apprentice Tradesman. Usually younger (most in my intake joined at 16 1/2 but some were 15 (one girl I remember, was in unit for about 3 months before her 18th). Trained very well over two years in the more technical trades, withleader ship and mil skills thrown in. Usually ended up as supervisors.

    After 93, only the RE, RSignals, REME and ACC kept juniors. They were later amalgamted in to the Army Technical Foundation Collge, and then suddenlly some ont thought it a brilliant idea to have a junior intake again, and Harrogate once again opened up to juniors of ALL capbadges.....
  12. Its sad that our juniors go to a place where there is no guidance from members of the RAMC, no fault to the boys and girls themselves but I went to a pass off parade where they all had their collar dogs on facing the wrong way, no one in their directing staff was able to pick this up as none of them had a clue. They were all really smart, all their adult staff had to do was ask someone from the Med Centre to give them the once over.

    The Apprentice College was the breeding ground for future RSMs, Corps RSMs and LE Officers.
  13. Are there any mil medics in there though?
  14. yep, I was in the WO & Sgts Mess before the parade, the kids who were getting the best shot etc. prizes were having them presented in front of their parents. The top recruit was female RAMC, she was introduced to me and I mentioned her dogs, she told me that they hadnt seen anyone from the RAMC and they all had them on that way. The Med Centre Sgt was stood close by, I knew him from years before at 33 Fd Hosptial, his reply was that it wasnt his job!
  15. Not his job to show pride in his Corps? Sad.