Apprentice College revisited?

Best House?

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Any jolly japes worth recording?

Ex-Harden House please try and keep it funny

Ex-Martin-Leake think of something.

Ex-Chavasse dont go on about winning champion House every year.

Ex-Johnson- Top C wasn't that bad!
We were nearing the end of our stint at brats (the Muckster and myself) and our 2Lt Coy officer decided to have a bit of fun and at stupid o'clock in the morning him and the NCOs got everyone out of their bed and made us all go into the end room telling us we were off to Mychete lake for a dip. Once we were all in there, the door opened, lights went out and a 'fizzing' thing came flying in before the door shut again. Everyone started choking and trying to get out, the door wouldnt open so some of us went out the window (luckily we were on the ground floor), some got into the lockers and shut the doors (why??) Anyway, it turns out to be a red smoke grenade.
Once everything had died down, all of these red people emerged from the room, the grenade had burnt the floor and stained the floor and the lockers red. Most of the dye came off those worst affected in the showers but some where washing it out for days.
Sh*t hit the fan about it but out of some strange misplacd loyalty nobody blabbed to the big boss who done it.
Then there was the time when the Company went out for a run at the end of term, one of the troopies had a white Beamer, which we all decided would be funny if we tipped it onto it's side:

Got it half way up when the said troopy ran around the corner.......
which is what triggered the smoke grenade incident i do believe.
I believe you could be right TURP, although we had many jolly japes, and some not so jolly, Tuesday nights were particularly bad......
never forget those words:
"Get in the corridor", "Get in the TV room" and "Room Roomshun"
Oh ... and who can forget the [/b]Chicken Egg Song[/b]
When i was there Harden won everything,not because of me i hasten too add!!!! Actually i am amazed they won anything with me there
I dont think harden won anything while me and the muckster were in it!
Filbert Fox said:
I dont think harden won anything while me and the muckster were in it!
Of course it didn't....mind neither did Chavasse when I was in it either..........something to do with severe lack of interest :roll:
I think a severe lack of interest sums me up pretty good,plus being a fat b*****d certainly helped some what.
1981 Apprentice college off on adventure training in Arditae near Malage (Can't spell them but what the F**k) It was either raining and crap or you were getting bitten to death by mozzies!!!!! The chap in charge a nutter by the name of moby who's claim to fame was that he had sail in a converted bath somewhere and sat on an island out in the atlantic to make it british!!!!! Living in a cave near the beach which at high tide flooded!!!! Now that's what I call an adventure!!! P.S. Martin Leake did win every thing!!!


The chap was an ex SAS guy who let soldiers use some ranshackled stone shed for accom and you had the pleasure of walking about 10km from the nearest rail station of Mallaig, with your kit.
Of course Martin-Leake won everything!!!

Whats wrong with you people?

Who was that?? 1980 - 1981....... that was your intake?? You Blond????

I was M-L 1982 - of the best!

Although I did about 8.5 years just under the rank of L/Cpl

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