Apprentice Ben and RMAS

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Chief489, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. Cue all RMAS CSgts rubbing their hands with glee.... :D

  2. This prize idiot should do both himself and the Army an enormous favour and not go to the RMAS. He may have bluffed his way through AOSB, but short of a complete personality and attitude change, he won't last. He will be expected to conduct himself as a gentleman, which he singularly failed to do on the rubbish-fest that is The Apprentice. If he goes forward, and if he is commissioned, and behaves in the same manner, he will be regarded with contempt by his men and shunned by his fellow officers.

    Stick to stockbrokerage Mr. Clarke - you have the requisite boorish behaviour, wide-boy attire and loutish appearance and manner.
  3. Quite.

    Non-story: just MoD PR trying to latch on, Broon-like, to Apprentice stardust.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I think you may be in danger of confusing TV with reality. I don't know if you saw him on 'The Apprentice - you're Fired' immediately after the show. He was far more credible there.
  5. Howdo BA,

    Yes, I can concede that he might not be as much of a twat in reality as he came across as being on The Apprentice, but the image he projected of himself was not good, and will follow him into the RMAS should he decide to go that route – surely he must have considered this? I’ll confess that I despise all so-called reality television, but even allowing for the entertainment agenda behind such shows as The Apprentice, I would have to question both the motivation and credibility of anyone who would put themselves forward for this show. Being fair to him, if only on account of the green light he got from the AOSB he’s already streets ahead of the other wannabes, so why he ever went on this show is beyond me.
  6. £100K could have something to do with it...
  7. Check on GG. I agree he came over as a cnut! However there is and was some major editing on that programme. Just remember what they did with "Guns and Roses".

    The system will remove him or he will break. Alternatively he will "fall" down new college stairs as is the traditional way after people make it through to the second term.
  8. He won't go unless he gets a deal with a reality TV company to follow him round.
  9. That's actually quite a good idea... :oops:
  10. When he says "I have an honourary Sandhurst scholarship" does he actually mean "I have a place at Sandhurst should I choose to take it"? Nothing I have seen suggests that he was offered a bursary or any other form of sponsorship.

    Bursary Walt? :roll:
  11. Its a great idea. Time 15:07. If it happens I want my 12% or I'll sue 'em :x
  12. So he's cheap aswell? :D
  13. Not really, just taking a different slant on his previous experience so he can sell himself better. It's pretty much expected in civvie street, I gather. And I think it's pretty much expected to dress stuff up on ones CV (without making stuff up, obviously). I've written stuff on my CV, reference stuff I did back in the army, in a way that civvies can understand but some here might disagree with. RMA - physicians assistant - Mess skivvy - assistant manager (because I had to run the place on days when the boss was absent).

    Like he said, he's only twenty odd, so he has to make the most of what he has.
  14. GG,

    On what basis do you make this assumption? At least a couple of the other candidates would have flown through AOSB, notwithstanding the fact that they had far more advanced functional skills.
  15. Howdo p-a-w,

    Yes, it was a bit of an assumption I’ll concede, and partly said in jest (that said, I'd always personally place greater value on the ability to get past the AOSB, pass through the RMAS and commission against 'entrepreneurship' of the Apprentice variety, but that's just me). However, you’re assuming a little yourself when you state that “[a]t least a couple of the other candidates would have flown through AOSB” – excluding how they ‘performed’ on the show, I cannot see any evidence for your thinking. From what I can tell no other candidate went forward for the AOSB, so at least this Clarke fellow had that going for him (twat and all that he is).

    I suppose the whole thing is a bit of red herring, as performance on The Apprentice is proof of no more ability than the ability to perform…on The Apprentice.