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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by X-Mech, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. If anyone has any practicse appreciations it would be appreciated if you could PM me and forward them.

    Anyone else who wants some please also PM and as I hopefully build up a pool I will collate them and forward them.

    Many Thanks
  2. Ha - it's the same panic every year! I don't have any.

    Quick tip - do all your timings in a table - it's easier to look up and saves you time.
    Oh - and remember to consider any implied tasks as well, don't just 'save Rapunzel from the tower' or whatever the mission is.
  3. My 2 pence,

    1. Get a TAM
    2. Get Familiar with the 7 Questions of the Estimate Process ( Appreciation Old - Estimate NEW).
    3. Apply to any problem.
    4. ...Don't get phased by the Doctrine.


    Q1. What are the enemy doing and why?

    Replace enemy with Sodexho, the local Cub Scouts etc

    Q2. What have I been told to do and why?


    It works for me - it might not for you and there is only one way to find out.

  4. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    I think that X-Mech is after more of the monkey in a freezer two options of which way to go down the river, use a helicopter take some ice from the factory leave the injured with the girls , take the boat avoid the railway type scenario. I don't think he is after combat estimate type scenario (7 Q's etc).

    No mech I dont have any available as they were given to the last person who did selection, however your training wing should have some or YofS blerk.
  5. There not going to use that one again surely!!!!! Just in case they do, as the geekster suggests dont take the bloody train - i learned that lesson the hard way!!

    Xmech, i havent got any to hand, but i'll ask a bloke at work who might have some. I'll be in touch mate.
  6. Sure, I agree but the 7 Q's can still be of use even in the 'monkey in a freezer' sketch as it can act as a brain clearing ex in the heat of a selection process.

    What am I being asked to do?
    Constraints? etc

    It is amazing how many people dive straight in at the deep end, spurred on by self-induced nerves, without thinking about what they are being asked to do.

    The word 'combat' is best left out as everyone thinks it is automatically about bayonetting monkeys in freezers...

    The other point is that in a lot of these tests/estimates/appreciations/planning exs it doesn't really matter if you get there, it's how you went through the planning process that matters. And even if you don't finish in time a 'competent' person will be able to guage a person from the process committed to paper - so write things down!

    The last question - does the organisation get a 'competent' person to look at these exs?

    G :?:
  7. XMech, whats it for??

    Appreciations have been binned in most military circles in favour of 'Staff planning exercises'. Similar in approach but s**t loads more stuff to trawl through to get a result, also the format is slightly different
  8. Its for Sup selection so it is more the monkey type than the Staff Planning Exercise
  9. X Mech

    GI Joe has it right. Ignore the Cbt part of the title and you have a very useful way of deciding what it is you are required to do, by whom, when by and the traps to avoid.

    Go with the estimate - it works.

  10. I'd agree that the estimate is a logical methodology, however I'd tend to agree with Geek and Boney as we'll all been through the process in recent years. The Royal Signals has long employed the traditional 'appreciation' or 'problem solving exercise' on selection courses to pick candidates for the supervisory rosters. And it seems to work pretty effectively - well, it did until I got through! :wink:
  11. Or you could do what one certain lassie did on her backbrief. Her logical solution was feck 'em, they are not going to make it anyway so just leave em to croak. Obviously the DS answer was not quite so cold and calculated. Who said women can't be ruthless barstewards?
  12. 'Staff planning exercises' or Appreciations, has anyone got a spare one they could please send me. thanks.
  13. X-Mech,
    Apologies for the late reply but I have a folder full of Appreciations and the DS solutions, (I take it you mean the type used for POT YofS/FofS and IS Sup?). PM me and we can sort out me getting copies to you.