Appreciations - Tips for an OR

Can any of you highly experienced officer types out there help an OR who has to do some appreciations for future board.

Looking for information on how to go about them, present reasoning for etc.
Is there a tried and tested method to follow on getting your final goal.

How far do you go with it.

Good points / Bad points etc.

Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated.

If there is anybody at Shrivenham in the next 4 weeks or so that would like to put an OR through his paces in appreciations and interview techniques that would be in front of 3 officers or so then please give let me know if you can help.


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The newest type of appreciation is the '7 questions' estimate. This originated at CAST, and is now pretty much accepted as the way ahead. There is a very good aide memoire (called something like 'Battlegroup Planning'), available from CAST, which runs the user through all the necessary procedures. Although at first glance it appears as though the wheel has been re-invented, the 7 Qs is designed to fit around the way ones mind works, rather than forcing you to fill in endles columns of factors, deductions and tasks/constraints. Good luck.
IS Ski Geek said:
Can any of you highly experienced officer types out there help an OR who has to do some appreciations for future board.
I think IS Ski Geek is talking about the leadership "decision making exercise" type of written appreciation where you've e.g. broken down 10 miles from hospital, Smudger has a snakebite which gives him 4 hours to live and you need to get to Wango Wango airport cos CO's Heads of Sheds is on at 20-past etc etc, rather than the military estimate.

Top tip. write your timings down in tabular format - speed/time/distance is pretty easy to screw up unless you simplify it. i.e. Village 1 to Village 2 - 4 kms max speed 4kph - time = 1 hr blah blah. Remember to try and achieve your primary mission, as well as typically rescue whomever needs to get saved. I have a few copies around. PM me if you want copies to practice with.

Also - personally - I would read, read, read and get clued up on current affairs, such as the war in Iraq,morality/legal issues and probably (because of the circumstances of your board) stuff like NEC, digitization, Defence info strategy etc. Good luck.
Apologies for the late response, I hope I haven't blown the timing!

I just had to prepare a group of SNCOs for a board, and we covered the points covered in both the posts above, although we majored on the wacky 'You have 5 men with broken legs, no vehicles, and 150 miles to cover in 3 minutes - whatcha' gonna do?' type scenarios.

On the '7 Questions' - get your head round the basic Combat Estimate in the front of TAM Pt 1 before you go for the 7 Qs. You will use the basic estimate as part of the 7 Qs, so it is a good stepping stone. CAST do have a reasonably good guide to their employment, but be aware that on a recent internal exercise, the CAST staff realised that the structure of 7 Qs doesn't quite work. Therefore, don't be afraid to make an intuitive decision if you feel you have to (as long as you can justify it) in order to get to the '90% solution on time - not 100% solution too late' endstate that you're after.

Ho hum...look at me rattling on - good luck!!

PS If you have any drams tracking down the 7 Qs handbook, pm me and we'll work out how to get you a copy!! :D

PPS I just realised that I am in fact about 9 months too late. Doh!
If you send me and email address I will send you the RMAS yo's 7 Q hand out which will guide you through what is required during the 7's
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